Thursday, September 11, 2008


We had a moment of silence this morning, in honor of 9/11. And afterwards, when we said the pledge, I got choked up. Even after 7 years, I remember.

On a lighter note, at least we didn't get sucked into a black hole or compressed into fiery bits of strangelets by that large hydron thingie-majig over in Europe:

The black hole would have been bad, I'm assuming, because we'd kinda notice getting sucked into nothing. The strangelet thing, we'd never realize in time, so I was kinda hoping it would go south in that know, if it decided to go south at all. Crazy Europeans and their big bang theories.

Either way, I'm glad I'm still around to sew a little this weekend. I am going to a Hogs game next weekend and I probably need a red tee. The G-man is thoroughly disgusted with me and says that any old red will do, because the Hogs aren't "Crimson and Cream" like his beloved OU.

Well, Okay then.

And now, because we haven't ogled any yum in a while, we'll have a brief pause to admire this piece of finery from the upcoming Quantum of Solace:

Mmmm... he even looks nice all banged up and dirty. (ok that came out kinkier than I thought.) Trailer looks amazing. You can find it, and lots more pretty pictures of Mr. Yum, HERE.


  1. Thanks for the 9/11 post. I thought about writing something since I live in a community that was hit hard by this tragedy, but...

    And thanks for the photo of yummy Daniel Craig!

  2. The only movie I've seen our friend there in was the James Bond one (I don't get out much), but wow... Just wow...

  3. that man is so yummy. (see tomb raider for him in and out of the shower. l4yer cake is good too). ~sigh~ what a good way to start the day!

    (psst, did you check those vamp books out?)

  4. "...ogled any yum..." That's a new one :) . I've never heard it phrased that way LOL.

  5. Thinking of 9/11 really chokes me up - so much changed life the way we knew it that day...

  6. Banged up and dirty! LOL!


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