Saturday, September 20, 2008


Brief recap of my first Razorback game...

the Alabama Crimson Tide stomped all over the Hogs, 49-14. But the U of A Razorback Band was amazing!! This isn't a great pic (both pics courtesy of the U of A website's recap of today's game) and I forgot my camera!

During the halftime show, they played Thriller...and then they chucked their horns and actually DANCED THRILLER. It was AWESOME! Best part of the game by far. (The pretzel was good too.)

We parked like 25 miles away, entirely UP HILL. Over rough terrain. With stairs. I wish I were exaggerating. There may be a Ouch Part Deaux post tomorrow because I'm pretty sure my butt is going to be in sad shape tomorrow.

Beautiful day, football, girl pals...all in all a really great Saturday afternoon!

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  1. As former drum major of my high school band, I firmly believe the football game exists just to give folks something to do before and after the band show. ;)

    As a resident of the state of Alabama, but a very NOT football fan, you have just explained all the hootin' and hollerin' coming from my neighbors this afternoon.


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