Friday, January 16, 2009

3 hours to go!

Woot! Man have I missed this face...

I'm quite fond of this one too.

Even better in combination.

And yea, ok, I'm not entirely shallow and just watch for the fangirly pretties and hot pilot romance. The storyline, writing, acting, special effects....all of that pretty much rocks too.

But can we just have a brief moment of silence for the death of the flight suit?

Cause, DANG.

(off to rewatch the leadup eppys!!)


  1. My husband loves this show as well, so it's got to have a good story, cause I don't think he's interested in the romance.

  2. OK, I have a very funny (well, to me, at least) BSG story. Some people had told DH and me that we would like it, so we had recorded a bunch of episodes on Tivo. (I think it was Season 2.) I started watching them during my maternity leave with Grace and got SO HOOKED. I watched something like 10 episodes in 2 days while nursing Grace and hanging out at the house by myself and I got to the end-of-season cliffhanger with the dramatic denouement (the Cylons landing on New Caprica) and I sat there in my insane hormonal state, unable to believe they were ending the season like that. Then the screen flashed "To Be Continued October 2006" and my first thought was, "NO!!! They can't do this to me!" And then my second thought was that my newborn baby would be eating solids and crawling before I got to see anymore. And I was sad.

    But then I got to see more eventually, so it all worked out. I'm actually a whole season behind because we didn't have cable for a year so I don't think I'm going to watch the new one tonight. Enjoy it, though, and I will catch up with you sometime!

  3. Anonymous9:55 PM

    OMG I totally didn't know it was coming back on!!! YAY!!! now if I only had cable....

    Oh well, time to hijack my mom's DVR!

  4. Julia, that's the season that hooked me too. Then I went back and started over at the beginning with the mini & S1 DVDs. I watched them straight through...could not BELIEVE the S2 cliffhanger! What??!

    What a ride! Tonight most definitely knocked my sock off. There were a couple of HOLY COW moments!!

    peacockchic...woohoo!! Another BSG geekgirl! Shannon & I thought we might be the only ones in sewingdom. :D

  5. Viva, la BSG!

    Unfortunately, I didn't see last night's eppy - I went to bed early (damn cold!), so I will have to catch up.

  6. Here I your theory! cannot wait to hear what it is!!!

    My hopes for the new season? Apollo gets a haircut, gets out of that suit and back into a flightsuit...and gets with Starbuck!!!

  7. Ok, so if all the bodies were Cylon and their planet was nuked (a la Caprica et al) you think the original humans nuked them? So the bombing of the 12 colonies wasn't so much a Cylon uprising as it was retribution?

    So...if the final 5 Cylons are from the 13th tribe that was nuked, could Kara be from the original humans that nuked them?

    Ooh, I love this show! My son said (after Friday's ep)... "Man. You gotta be smart AND paying attention to get this show." hehe.

  8. Oy on the haircut. Puleez get thee a haircut & flight suit hasta pronto!

  9. You have GOT to read this article:

    Huge link...sorry.
    Your theory is a pretty good one, because i cannot wrap my mind around WHY they bombed Earth in the first place, and ohhhhhh, i like that theory about Kara!! Because it is driving me bonkers trying to figure out WHAT she is!! How funny was that graffiti in Galactica "Frak Earth"? Apparently there are t-shirts available already!
    I love that Leoben was freaked out, too...that was sort of funny. I know it is sick, but i kinda dig him. I think he and Starbuck are sorta hot, but i just cannot go there, because i am ALL ABOUT Starbuck and Apollo!!

  10. The graffiti gave me & my son a chuckle too (he's 14 and laughed out loud). It was horrific because of the chaos, but a light moment too. My inner geek prolly wants a tee!

    Thanks for the article link! I used to read Mo all the time until I realized she didn't care for Lee, and even worse, didn't want Lee & Kara to end up together!

    Oh, and, if he & Kara end up together (ok if Kara ends up with ANYONE but Lee) I'll be so frakking pissed. BUT...they definitely have a creepy chemistry that is it's own hot. Altho I usually deny it, even to myself. :D


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