Saturday, January 10, 2009

Simplicity 3893/Vogue 8151

When it rains it pours! I was on a roll last weekend. This week the only sewing going on around here was in my head. I couldn't even convince myself I needed to snap pics of these two finished products to share and review!

I ran outside this afternoon before I lost the sun, just for you. (because I lub you all so much) That doesn't mean I got all fixed up with hair & face & Oh snap! shoes.

No, just yoga pants and fuscia fuzzy slippers. (in other words, headless shots ahead. no pun intended, hehe.)

First, Simplicity 3893. I've made this before (as I said last week.) I only wore that top once. Good news about this one, I've already worn it once! The fabric is a poly georgette. It gave me fits hemming, so Shannon had a brilliant idea and suggested roll hemming it. That welcomed piece of advice saved this one from the UFO pile! (Thanks Shannon!)

I also left off the elastic at the bodice seam. Actually I put it in, hated it, so picked it out. Then I felt like it still needed "something" at that seam, it was a little too "meh". So I stitched a black satin ribbon over the seamline. I like how it looks, but it does restrict movement in that area just a bit. You can't have it all, folks.

('s 29 degrees right now, thus the 3 shirts in the shot above! White tank, black turtleneck, georgette top. I didn't realize the turtleneck wasn't pulled down over the white tank. Doh. It was too cold to run back outside for retakes.)

Next, Vogue 8151, a TREASURE of a pattern!! I love this one. It went together so fast & smooth, and the fit was wonderful. I think I made size E out of the DEF range. No FBA needed (woot!) The pattern has a dart, but I trimmed the excess dart point away & gathered this area instead. I'm not sure I would like a dart in a tee, but I might try it in the next one.

The only flaw in the finished top is my mismatched stripes on the neckband. I just didn't have enough of this stash knit to do something creative. No one but another seamstress will probably notice, so I will still definitely wear this! I haven't added the ruching to the side seams because I think I'm going to hem it a bit shorter. It hits me just a tad longer than I like. (I'm really short-waisted, so shortening tops from the midriff-hem is normal for me.)

And that's about it for me in the sewing arena! Today I bought 10 patterns on sale for 99 c, thus completely failing New Years Resolution #3 by 8 patterns. This, cracks me up. I'm not at all remorseful so I think I might be beyond hope in regards to stashing patterns (and resolutions).


  1. Great tops! I would never have noticed the three shirts in the first picture if you hadn't pointed it out.

  2. Both of these look great! The white dot top is so feminine- kinda romantic- and very pretty on you. I love the knit top, too. It looks great on you and no one will notice the stripes.

    Shannon F

  3. Hey, what can I say? I'm a genius! :)

    Both of your tops look super fabu - thanks for braving the cold to show them to us!

  4. The last part about breaking your resolve about buying patterns? Cracks me up. Yes, you are without hope.

  5. I love the tops they are great. Good job. I also agree that nobody would notice the stripes until you point them out.

    As for shopping, I really wanted to hit some of those pattern sales, but I managed to resist. Glad you got some. g


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