Sunday, January 04, 2009

LH Cowl Top

This is a fabulous top. I finished it Friday afternoon and wore it Saturday! It's warm, snuggly, perfect sleeve length, fab fit. Yay! Projects like this get my mojo all revved up!

This pattern is really generously sized, from XXS to XXL. I'm smack in the middle at a L, although I did swing out to XL from the underarm to hem as a mock FBA. Since this is a knit it worked fine.

The shoulders are slightly dropped (which Loes likes and I don't) but I don't mind on this sweater. The dropped shoulders are slouchy (why I don't like them, makes a top feel "too big" to me) and comfy and all-around add to the warm fuzzies I get while wearing it.

Loes likes DEEP hems in her tops too. Usually 2" or so. I've never figured out the logic on this one, because deep hems to me belong on little girls dresses. So I normally trim that away and do a more RTW looking hem.

(the biggest picture of my bum you'll ever see on this blog)

On this one, since it was a tunic length, I left the hem allowance so I could try it on before removing the excess. Then I just left the deep hem, because I liked it. I guess that's why she makes patterns & I don't.

Since I was feeling so accomplished & "on", I went right into the next project. I started Simplicity 3893. I've actually made this before, and only wore it once. It made me feel on the fluffy side:

I even reviewed it HERE. In retrospect, I think it was the loose pants + loose top combo that was making me feel too loose. (Stick Girl, no comments outta you.) I've even dug through the closet a couple of times in search of this top and can't find it so it's possibly been donated (or is visiting a landfill somewhere in Oklahoma or Kansas. Hey, at least it's biodegradable.)

I'm using this yummy cream with black dot georgette to make the same view as above:

And I was feeling all smug and smarty pantsish when I found this fabric in my stash.... all "ooh, nevermind the black windowpane georgette lookie what I found". Um, until I read my review from almost 2 years ago and discovered I had ALREADY PLANNED this top in this fabric in April of 2007.

At least I'm consistent.

The top is constructed, just needs hems. I've procrastinated the hems for an entire day because the mostly poly georgette doesn't like the small hem. Man I wish I had some black or cream satin to make a bias binding for the hems!! Ah well.

It will be finished later today so hopefully I can get a picture for you! Then I will move on to the next project, most likely the NL wrap top. Altho I saw a fabulous Poet's Blouse from the 1/08 BWOF issue, and now it's kinda calling out to me too.And I have this really great dotted batiste-y fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics that would be just wonderful for it too.

Hmmm. I think I'll drink my cocoa and think on this one for a bit.


  1. I made the Simplicity top and it made me feel fluffy too. It NEVER got worn. I made the BWOF poet's blouse out of some white linen and I LOVE it. It just needs to get a smidge warmer and I'll get it out again...

  2. That cowl top is one of my favourites. I'm with you on the dislike of dropped shoulders - I usually trim the shoulders on the pattern to bring them to the actual shoulder.

    As far as the hem on your new top - would it look okay with a rolled hem done on the serger? Usually, when I'm too lazy or annoyed with a fabric to do an honest turned hem, I wimp out and go for the rolled hem.

  3. Again, great top! And you have many choices to choose from for your next project!! Did you ever get your Jan BWOF? It has not shown up here. :(

  4. Love the new top. I think I might have that pattern in the bins. Glad to see you are sewing. g

  5. Super productive sewing woman at work... watch out! Nice top, looks super comfy! Hope your Jan. BWOF showed up, it's a great issue!

  6. That is a great top on you! Simply fabulous!!!

  7. I've made that Simplicity top in a sheer as well. Did you know it is intended for a knit? I was rather surprised about that after I'd finished it. All looks great! I'm glad you've found some sewing mojo.

  8. What a gorgeous cozy top. I don't like dropped shoulders either, but this top looks very good as is.

  9. The top looks very nice on you. I am with you on the dropped shoulders. Reminds me of the clothing I wore in high school that wasn't particularly flattering.

    I love the polka dot fabric. Sometimes I can be so hard to decide what to sew next!

  10. Great LH top, I agree with you on the drop shoulders.

  11. Yowsa! I need some mojo! Great tops ... can't wait to see more~

  12. Don't rule out deep hems just yet! I've been seeing them on better RTW knits lately. Nice top!

  13. That cowl neck top looks sooo comfy. Perfect for this time of year!

  14. The LH top is great! Looks so comfy! I look forward to seeing the Simplicity top!


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