Sunday, January 25, 2009

ice ice baby

Ice warning for me. Which means ALL my laundry is now done and ALL the dishes are clean. The dishes (nor the laundry) quite knows what to think of me.

StickGirl nudged me to cook up a few dinners that can be eaten in the days to come if (when!) I lose power. StickGirl is so smart.

Sadly, my laptop battery is toast, so...if the power goes so does my connection to the lovely blog world. *cries*

I have been planning activities for the no tv, no internet, kids driving me crazy day or two ahead...

I have this pattern ready to pleat for Lu. It's not often you find a smocking pattern that tweenish girls will wear. She really likes this one though:

And this is darn cute too, especially if I make a little cropped or swing jacket to match:

I've seen this one made up as a top wtih jeans in Sew Beautiful, and it really was sew beautiful (harhar).

The Lexinator needs something smocked I'm thinking. She's such a hellion. Hellions should wear frilly Nelona Swiss batiste with French lace methinks. I've been thinking bishop since she's not immediately available to measure. This is a bishop pattern, for those of you not familar with smocking: (although I've got a whole stash of AS&E magazines with gorgeous bishop patterns that I'll be using for the base):

Ok I gotta scoot, cause the living room floor is currently covered in pink & black giraffe print knit. Yup, the BWOF 2/08 dress is actually in the PROGRESS stage!! It has 4 pieces that have to be cut out in the single layer stage, so I got tired. Well, ok. I got bored. But back to it. Now.

Stay warm!


  1. I'm so jealous of your ice-preparedness! A new semester starts Tuesday, and I'm still grading from the last one. And not one lesson is planned for the new! As for my house--it was sorely neglected this weekend while I sewed a bit on a dress for Sadie.
    I'd love to know how all the teacher/sewer/homemakers balance it all, because I haven't found the trick.

    Ooops--that was quite the hijack wasn't it?? Looking forward to seeing your newest projects. Especially the bishop.

  2. Angie -- you are better prepared than I am. I need to get busy! The forecast sounds pretty scary.

  3. Good luck! Take advantage of it if it happens!

  4. Oh, you are SO a woman after my own heart, doing the laundry and all the dishes in the face of disaster! blogging about BSG, friday was kinda boring, no? Were you shocked by the Chief storyline though? I was!
    Hope this icing is mild!

  5. I passed an award to u!!!

  6. I just nominated you for the Kreative Blogger award. Go to my blog to see how to pass it on.
    I love all of the projects you have planned. I'd love to see all the smocked projects when you've finished. I love to smock, too. I hope when my grands hit that tween age they will still like "granmomma's" sewing. We are getting the rain at the south end of your ice storm.

  7. Those are some cute designs! Good for you on your preparedness. We're expecting mostly snow, about 10", followed by a period of freezing rain. We have plenty of kerosene though. Just as long as I'm warm, I'm happy.


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