Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I'm outing Dawn today. She's an enabler!
She's started a thread on PR for a Jeans SewAlong! I haven't been sewing so much for myself lately, because, well...I don't know why. I keep starting projects and not finishing them. I can't motivate.

Anyway, Dawn got motivated by the new Jalie jeans pattern. And so did I.

Of course my bum won't look nearly as cute as these line drawings, but that didn't stop me from preordering! Nope, not one little bit.

The fun part about a sewalong is that you have people to prod and encourage. And to make your shopping list for you! Because I would have totally forgotten about rivets and special denim/jean buttons otherwise (until it was too late.)

I ordered several copper rivets & copper oak leaf buttons HERE.

I have plenty of denim in stash (bout 6 yards of stretch denim in a darkwash, another 3 or 4 yards in a dark tinted denim--almost red--, and maybe 2 yards of non-stretch.) All I need now is thread for topstitching. I plan on shopping for that (and an edgestitching foot for my Bernina) on Friday. (Which is SPRING BREAK!! Woot!! That should uplift my spirits.)

In other news, I recently had a couple of anniversarys. One happyish and one contemplative. My blog was 3 years old two weeks ago!
I really can't believe its been 3 years. I just want to say Thank You to all my visitors, lurkers, & friends near and far for inspiring me to continue. Some day I fully anticipate running out of things to blather on about!

A stranger, odder anniversary I have been dreading...I was divorced 11 years last week. That one's really hard to wrap my head around. My babies really were just babies back then. Heck, I was just a baby back then!!

I don't quite know why 11 was harder than 10...it just was. It hasn't helped lately that people have been (seemingly) doing their darndest to hurt my feelings.

And wouldn't you know it, today when I pulled out onto the highway to come home, guess who's truck I immediately got behind? Yup. The ex-Mr. Quality Time (um, literally. Hee.)

For two seconds I was nostalgic. And then I, you know, REMEMBERED!!!

In a shoutout to Shannon, and in honor of my not-so-new status, I think I need this nail polish set from Orly.

My favorites are...It's Not Me, It's You and See Yah!

On that note...see ya!


  1. Time flies huh? (((hugs))

    LOVE the polish!!

  2. I'm not an enabler. I just encourage. I love the polish too though I'm not a polish kinda gal. Is there one that says, "Kiss my @#$@"?

  3. Blogoversary - yay! Ex husband - boo!

    I love that polish collection - what a hoot!

  4. It, too, will pass (those feelings). I have never been divorced, but I feel for you. About jeans, go for it, I do not have the time to tackle that right now, and don't like how I am shaped right now for jeans anyways.

  5. I have been wanting to make some jeans too. I don't know if I will be able to do this Sew Along, but it has encouraged me to think about it. I will enjoy seeing everyone's progress,

  6. Good luck with the jeans sewing and happy blogiversary!

  7. Anonymous8:59 PM

    I never thought about rivets! I'm going to have to put that on my list now....

    BTW, happy Blogoversary!

  8. Thanks for the link to the denim notions and Happy Blogiversary! And as far as people seemingly to do their darndest to hurt your feelings, when it's the people you consider to be your closest friends, yeah, it hurts. I'm still smarting over the one from last year. If only DH could let it go (because of our kids and their kids). I know I have. And our kids get along just fine. But as far as the friendship, it just wasn't meant to be.


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