Tuesday, March 24, 2009

me me me me me

I've been wanting to do a pictures from my past post for a long time, and since I'm on spring break what better time to scan in old pictures?!! (Oh, ok, I could be spring cleaning. But pshaw! Who wants to do that?)

So on with the show!

My favorite picture of me & my mom.

My first beer.

My favorite picture of me & my brother, the original G-man.

Me & my big sis.

Me being spectacularly cute on a chair.

Me on a horse with my cuz's Michelle (she's in the middle) & Bobby. *waves at Michelle who lurks*

Me, 16, at Halloween with my oldest friend Cindy. (I'm Minnie. She's...I'm not sure what she is, but she's on the other end! :P )

Me as a beauty queen.

Me first boyfriend. (No me in this one. Just him being spectacularly cute on the football field. )

Me getting ready for prom. Check out that waist. And that hair!!

Me on my wedding day with my best friend NiNi!

Me & NiNi as all grown up suburban mom types.

Now, how bout some flashback pics from my peeps? You game??


  1. So much fun!! loved the prom hair! Love it that you and your friend are still great friends!

  2. Love the photos, thanks for sharing! I love the baby photo of you in the big leather chair, very cute. :):):) And you're not gonna believe this, but my prom dress was sapphire blue also. :)


  3. Very sweet pictures. I can identify with the one where there is an Etch-a-Sketch. My brother broke mine to see what made it work! You have beautiful memories. Treasure them.

  4. What a great pictorial journey! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love it, I don't have my scanner on right now, if you are on facebook, contact me back for permission & you can see me & grandma, ca 1968 and big hair days from the 1980's-90's, since classmates have been tagging me.

  6. Love the trip down memory lane. Isn't it funny how in high school we all thought we were fat? You look fabulous. g

  7. Sooo cute! I love those 70s era yellow-tinted photos. I have boxes of those too.

  8. Sooo much fun! Did you put these on FB?

  9. LOVE the big prom hair! I can't tease, though, 'cause yeah, I had big hair back then, too! Man, those were the days, weren't they?

  10. Love the photos! Its about time someone else started posting old photos ... was beginning to think I was the only one who got sucked into the 80s big hair thing :-)

  11. Love the journey down memory lane! It's so nice to see pics like that--a nice story of the highlights of your life.

  12. Oh my gosh, Angie. You are still just as cute as ever of course, but those pics sure do bring back memories. Thanks for sharing them.

    I'm coming home next week. I hope you'll come see me Thur evening at the school. :-)

    Now I want to find all those old pics of me and you! I bet I have some, probably from the creek.


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