Thursday, March 26, 2009


It's no longer Burda World of Fashion least not since February!! Just plain old Burda Magazine now. I got my April issue last Friday. It's different than previous issues in size & in look, but I don't really mind that much. It's causing a bit of a stir on the PR boards though. Some PR'rs really, really hate the new look & layout.

Myself, I've never cared for the "wedding" issue they put out once a year. I'm not sure why they even make a point to DO it once a year. That's alot of wedding dresses. However, I don't hate this issue. I rather like it! It's not "in your face" amazing like some issues are. (It's also full of simple 2-dot patterns. That's not necessarily a bad thing with my limited sewing time!)I really like skirt 101, because it's a fun basic, with good design lines:and it has the possibility to look completely different like style Aand B. Same skirt! Just a completely different look. I like patterns like this.I also like dress/top 110. Sure, we've seen it before, but I liked it then too. It's a good style for me with the deep V and shirred shoulders. Will definitely be making this one. Let's face it, Burda just WINS with their amazing knit tee variations.

I'm fond of the plus section in the magazine too. It's an easy-peasy summery knit paradise. I'm super fond of boleros, really anything that ties like that under my bust because it draws attention to my waist.

I love the idea of a shirred top. How fun under the bolero! Also very cute in a terry or something for a coverup at the beach/pool. I'm thinking it might be cute in a voile woven too. There's no pattern piece, just measurements. Can't get simpler than that!

The knit dress is pretty cute too. I like the gathered front, and the sleeves are different. I think its going to be an unflattering length on me (mid calf) so I'll probably whack it off just above the knee instead. It's lined too...not sure how I feel about a lined knit dress. I may try to do something different?

While I probably don't need another, I traced the raglan sleeve tee too. I like the deep scoop, and you know you can never have too many TNT tees lying around. Right?
Finally, I like this plaid jacket,#116. Alot. It's short, boxy but with a bit of shape, cute little flap pockets. Unlined. Pretty much made of win!I've traced the plus garments, and now I'm off to trace the raglan tee & shirred tee. This has been my new game plan for a few a movie & trace off the new issue's promising looks. That way when I find the time or inclination to sew, I have that step out of the way. I also have 5 knits in the wash, so be on the lookout for at least one of these to show up on the blog in its finished state very soon!

So I call sleeper issue! Looks tame and ordinary at first sight...then percolates in the stash to create awesome garments later. Anyone like other things in the April issue I missed?


  1. OOH thannks for the heads up on the amount of two dot garments. It looks like my type of issue ! ( Until I get a bit more experienced lol . ) I love all your picks from the issue too .

  2. I'm planning on using the plus-size pants to do some drawstring or elastic waist capris out of linen and some lightweight cotton twill. I'm surprised people are hating on this issue-- I like it.

  3. Anonymous5:46 PM

    Your choices are some of my favs, too! That plaid jacket is awesome. I hadn't paid attention to the skirt before but now it's definitely on my mind! Thanks. :) I also really love the very simple top #122. I have a coverup that is a very similar style and would love to make this top a bit longer, like a mini dress to wear on the beach over my bikini! I bet it will whip up very quickly, too. Jackets #108 and #109 remind me of Emporio Armani a few seasons ago... love them! This is my first ever Burda magazine issue... I'm so glad I subscribed!

  4. Great minds... those are all my faves, too. I'm not crazy about the new look of the magazine, but I'll give it a few months before I decide how much I hate it. Hope you had a wonderful and relaxing break... mine starts in 2 weeks!

  5. I love the shirred tops, those are perfect for summer. :):):):)


  6. I received my April issue the other day and honestly never even noticed that the magazine was different. I had to go pull it out after reading your post. Obviously I'm not too bothered by the change LOL. I also like that skirt and will be making one.

  7. I wasn't really overly impressed with the April issue. I don't know why, but nothing in it really caught my eye. Usually in each issue, there is a garment that really calls my name, but there were none in this one.

  8. I loved this issue! I am a new subscriber-my DH got it for me for Valentine's Day, so I don't know the diffence in formats. I like your picks, as well as 102/103, and 117 and 119 from the bridal section, that I could invision in a tweed. And I like the whole India section. I think I will be busy for a while!

  9. I haven't received my copy yet as it generally comes through the mail and I always receive it on the 1st/2nd of the month. But from the examples you showed I can't wait to get it. Generally, I tear right into it. I think I will be making something from the plus size this time as I have put on a couple extra pounds lately!!


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