Thursday, March 12, 2009

poms on Thursday

I got tickled at Sharon's post...Dogs on Thursday! (Everybody's Doing it!) And Gaylen prods me for pooch pics pretty regular too. And you know, Fat Kitty is not my only sewing assistant.

No, there's OsMan too...(just plain Oscar when he's not saving the world from poorly drafted FBAs.)

OsMan has a theme song. It goes something like this...

na na na na na na na na
na na na na na na na na
OsMaaan....Super dog

(sung to the tune of Batman, with just a dash of Shaft there at the end)

(Sorry girls, no noses. Well, no noses closeup at least. Superhero pooches need their beauty sleep apparently.)


  1. you have a pom? so do i! we adopted him in october, from our local humane society. he came from a puppy mill they shut down last summer. i wasn't so keen on getting him (nor was calvin), but david really wanted a little lap dog. feh! i thought, a little foo-foo dog, what do i want with that???

    OMG, angie, i am IN LOVE!!! Randall is So. Much. Fun!!! calvin is totally in love too, and we are Randall's favorites. i will have to do a 'poms on thursday' post too

    (btw -- Randall has his own photo album on my facebook page. ^_^ )

  2. Well who knew - we know about your 2-legged kids but not the animals. I think we are due a Stella photo again soon. g

  3. What a face - C U T E ! The Os-man is a real sweetie!

  4. I'm a Pommie-Mommie too!!! Jo is the most spoiled dog in the world...he goes to work with me and gets a new toy or treat everytime he works as a distraction for the guide dogs!

  5. OsMan is so cute! He even has his own theme song!!! Of course Sophia thinks Maltese are *the* only small dog that matter and she's now jealous that she doesn't have a theme song.


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