Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Unequivocally, the reason I have never remarried...I'm waiting for this:

Arnita & Lyle Yingling were married in 1941 in Kansas. Last week, at age 95, Arnita passed away quietly in her sleep. Six hours later, Lyle (age 97) followed her. Inseparable in life, they are now together forever. They were married 67 years.

FoxNews Story


  1. THAT is a truly a LOVE story.
    Prayers, Bo

  2. So sweet. My grandmother died 3 weeks after my grandfather. Those who lived close to them at the time said she grieved to death. I'm looking forward to the next 36 or more years with my DH. We've made it through the first 36 1/2.

  3. What a touching story. I love seeing old couples where you can just feel the love. They walk holding hands or touching each other. Hold Ang - you are worth it. g

  4. Beth Conky6:41 AM

    What a sweet love story. Keep looking someone will come along.

  5. Like a scene right out of a movie!

  6. That is beautiful. There is a couple in my church who have been married for 60 years--they still hold hands.


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