Friday, April 17, 2009

a quickie...

So Lu is rummaging around my closet yesterday looking for a "bag" for her books.

I say, "Where's your bag? (And stop digging around in my purse stash.)"

She says, "The strap broke yesterday."

Me: "Let me see it, maybe I can fix it."

Me: (looking at the ginormous, irreparable rip) "Ummm..."

Lu: (nearing panic) "I need a bag, I can't carry all my books loose! And it has to be open-top!" (Ok, I am embellishing the open top part for dramatic effect, but that's the rule at school.)

Me: (looking in mirror at un-flat-ironed hair and one eye mascaraed) Sigh.

Ten minutes and a 1/2 a yard of lavender print linen later and we have this:

1. No scissors! I ripped the linen instead of digging around the sewing box for my shears.
2. I eyeballed all measurements. We've all used Composition notebooks, right? I just eyed that size & added a bit of height for a turned under hem at the top of the bag.
3. I never iron my clothes the night before, so the iron was already nice & hot. :P

I used half a width of linen, about 20" tall. Press under 1/4" then 1" for hem at top, stitch. Stitch down side & across the bottom. Repeat the side/bottom stitching for durability.

Handles were 2.5" wide by one width of fabric. Cut that in half and voila you have 2 handles! Press each long side in (to center of strip) then press in half hotdog style. Stitch. That way you have a nice, weighty strap. I did take the time to pin & stitch the handles in the same position (approximately 1.5" from the side seams) on the front & back of the bag.

Lu: "Thanks mom!" Shoves books in bag and runs out door.

Me: Mascaras other eye. Unplugs unused flat iron & puts hair in clip.

Next up...
I've decided to attempt this dress from the November 2008 issue of BWOF. (#133 in the plus section). It looks a bit uninteresting in the line drawing.
But how great is the model photo!

I have a solid fabric in mind for it, but I'd have to go purchase it. I'd rather just cut & start sewing, so I'm going to attempt something wild and crazy with a VERY OLD stash STRIPES!

Obviously with all that seaming and curves it would be hideous in a vertical or horizontal stripe. So I'm thinking...chevrons! We could be headed for Epic.Fail. here, this I know.

I hereby accept the risk. Because if it That's going to be one cool dress.


  1. Wow, that's either going to be the coolest dress in the world or the scariest dress I've ever seen. I love that fabric.

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed for you! May the sewing Gods be on your side...

  3. You get the cool mom award for the day!! I like the dress and the stripe, anxious to see them come together.

  4. Great job on sewing a bag in 10 minutes. I'd never be able to do that, I'm way too pokey of a seamstress. I think the line drawing of that dress is great! I hope it turns out for you. Why again don't you want to use a solid color? :)

  5. Dude. You crack me up on my own blog. LOL!

    Best Mom Award for sure. And to add a Bad Hair Day to it as well ... you rock!

    The solid dress in the photo scares *me.* Where would the rolls and bulges ever hide?? ;-)

    Oh, I never iron in advance either. I was actually contemplating doing some today (ironing that is) to, you know, clear off my ironing board so I could pile more sewing stuff on it. But I just couldn't do it. And it's only like 3 or 4 things.

  6. Bag fix: Aren't you glad you sew? Great save!

    Dress: I loved that dress too, but I don't have the body for it. I'm glad you're making it so I can enjoy it vicariously.


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