Thursday, April 23, 2009

poms on

Look at me sharing the doggy AND on the right day and everything. (Did I really just say look at me? I'm not conceited, no sirree.)

Os-Man in all his shaggy, "I need a haircut but I'm such a rock star glory"...

He's even got the crazy eye thing all the good rock stars have.

Hmmm. So do the kids.

Moving on...I picked up these new New Looks yesterday. Because it's not as if I don't have 7 Works in Progress lining the sewing table (previously known as the Kitchen Table Where We Used to Have Dinner and Stuff).

NL6873, the cutest dang skirt, short & pant combo!!

And NL 6875, a knit wardrobe pattern. Note the gathered front neckline on the tee. Because I am a glutton for "I already have this in a TNT but I can't stop myself from trying new ones" punishment.

In completely un-Numero Uno-ish best friend from childhood, Tina Ann Forkner, has a new book coming out in May, The Rose House.

Her debut novel, Ruby Among Us, was released in 2008. I hope you'll stop by her blog and sign up for a chance to win a signed set of both novels.

Many, many years ago Tina & I wrote in wide rule notebooks, passing stories back and forth (and then around to all our friends, who waited with bated, Fruit Stripe scented breath, for the next installment.)

I've got LOADS of pictures to scan and share at some point in th near future, including shots of the various activities we partook in, like...cutting "paper dolls" out of the JC Penney catalog and giving them fancy names and elaborate lifestyles, eating S'mores at girl scout camp, cheerleading, swimming in the creek...

She was like a sister to me when I was growing up, and I'm really proud of her success. Congrats Tina!

Off to stare thoughtfully at my WIPs and UFOs.


  1. Ummm, one would never even know about Stella the wonder basset.

    Love the NL knit pattern. Wonder how the pleats in the other skirt would look in real life. g

  2. Poochie is awesome! Cute kids also.

    New patterns are inspiring, and I think we need them to stir up our creativity. That's my excuse, anyway.

  3. Viva la Oscar! Poms are such hams!!! In fact I have a little gray one at my feet annoying me right now!!! Nice patterns too!

  4. My "Riggs"amus Maximus the German Shepard would sing, "My bologna has a first name, it's OSCAR...". Just kidding, he's a nice dog and wouldn't harm a critter. Oscar's a cutey, and is apparently much loved by all in the house!
    As for the patterns, I keep buying them, too. I just wish New Look's would go on sale for $1.99 now and then! Love your selections!

  5. The books look really good. I will be reading them. When? I'm not sure, but I love to read.
    Cute , cute doggy and adorable kids.
    I really like your new patterns. I've got so many I haven't ever made up. I need to quit buying.

  6. Very cute dog and great patterns!

  7. I love the crazy eye photo!
    I have been making Marlene pants from BWOF that look like a really close relation of the pants on your pattern, so why do I want your pattern too? It is completely irrational, but I do.
    I am off to my sewing table previously known as the dining table too - i think we should sit on the floor and eat at the coffee table from now on :0

  8. Angie, you are too wonderful. Every time I look at a JCPenney Catalog, I think of you and want to grab a pair of scissors to cut out paper dolls.

    Thanks for the mention of my books. ;-)


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