Friday, April 10, 2009


I've been incognito for a couple of weeks! Nothing much sewing-wise going on here, and real life stuff has been the blog has been on the backburner.

Missed you all!

I'm off for 3 days this weekend, so I'm going to try to start some summer things I keep "meaning to get around to" one day. Most are from back issues of BWOF and need to be traced, so that's kind of a bummer. But the tracing job will be made a tad bit easier by my brand new roll of 36" wide tracing paper! Thanks Dawn for pointing it out!
This afternoon I'm tracing the following. I've already got fabrics & things... so maybe I'll cut one out too. Stranger things have happened!

BWOF April 2005 I had forgotten all about this cute flippy skirt. And the trenches in this issue are fabulous! And frankly, the tank included in this collection is a cute basic, as is the mandarin collar top/jacket:
I've always liked these seamed capri's. There was another issue this same year I believe (maybe June?) that had aqua and lime green capri's. I lost that issue, after I traced the capri's and muslined them. Alas, the tracing is missing also. Oh well, these look really cute and comfortable. As do these from BWOF July 2005. I really like the tops/sundresses too. Linen is just one of my favorite fabrics in the summer, so anything in linen probably gets my vote!

BWOF July 2007:
The famous BWOF twist top, in plus sizing. I can't wait to try this one! I've got the 4/05 issue with the original too but I'm going to start out with the plus version because I figure I can forgo the FBA that way.

And I've always loved this dress & underdress (I've got a great black stretch lace for this one, but it will be cute in a plain knit too, without the underdress).
That's a lot of tracing!! We'll see if I make it through all of that without losing interest. First up are the twist top, flippy skirt, and at least one pair of the capri's. Then we'll see.

Other sewing news...all of my jean-making supplies have arrived and it's already April 10, sooo...I should probably get started on that sewalong now. Or at least soon.

Off to find my tracing pen and a tracing (disaster) movie!


  1. Wow that is a LOT of tracing. Have fun!!! At least it will be worth it if you ever have time to sew them all.

  2. Missed you, buddy. :) Those are cool patterns, they'll make for beautiful clothes. Do you usually pre-cut and pre-trace items? I like the idea of doing that because then it's just full steam ahead. I've been doing that this week and I like it.


  3. Nice to hear from you again, looks like you will be very busy.

  4. I had to go pull that BWOF issue because I just bought this kewl black crochet fabric that I was thinking of making a dress from...don't know if this fabric would work for the dress but this is an interesting option. Thanks for pointing me there!

  5. Anonymous8:18 PM

    I wish I had your collection of back issues! Can't wait to see what you turn out. Hope your spring break was the break you needed. g

  6. Angie, I've made the dress. Those sleeves are beyond boring. At least cut them way shorter. Thanks for reminding me about it. I need to shorten the hem and the sleeves and see if I like it any better. It's been in hiding since the review. Enjoy yours days off.

  7. Whoa, you crazy woman!! I love that 2005 magazine. What a bunch of great patterns!

  8. Great choices. I flagged most of those patterns, too.


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