Thursday, September 10, 2009


Well, I have tried and tried...for over a week!... to form a plan for the PR SWAP.

Here were my (self-imposed) rules:
  • Sew from Stash
  • Not black and white
  • Use some of those cute patterns I keep dog-earing in BWOF or Ottobre
  • Try to incorporate the vintage look I really love (new or old)
Well, this proved nearly impossible. For one thing, I can't coordinate my stash fabrics (of which there are plenty) into the pattern choices that feel even remotely unified, AND still have the whole thing fit the PR guidelines which are:
  • 5 tops
  • 4 bottoms
  • 1 topper
  • all tops must go with all bottoms
  • topper must go with everything
  • must use a print
  • no dresses (ok, this isn't really a rule, but is discouraged by the other rules. The dress has to either go with all the tops and the topper, or be worn over all the pants.)
My biggest problem seemed to be the print. The B&W self-imposed rule was an issue for me too, since I have a ton of black and white. But the print was the hardest. I just don't have a print that goes with everything else, without resorting to a stripe or plaid/houndstooth (which felt like cheating to me).

And I keep seeing dresses I want to make. Of course.

Which brings me to...My new plan, the non-SWAP SWAP. I won't be entering the PR contest, but I'll be sewing along this fall and blogging it here. You know, assuming I actually have progress to blog about.

Here are my new rules:
  • Sew some of the BWOF & Ottobre I love
  • Sew from stash
  • Not all black and white!
  • Have some vintagey goodness
  • There are no other rules.
HAHAHAHA!!! I crack myself up. No, there are no rules. I'm MOWSAPing. My Own Sewing With A Plan.

For example, I'd like the tops to go with most bottoms, I just don't require they go with ALL of them. I want to incorporate dresses. I really like the topper idea, but I don't need it to go with everything.

Here are some pieces I've been wanting to make, but that didn't fit the SWAP rules no matter how I tweaked and fiddled. (and moaned and groaned. Ask Shannon. )

This fabulous dress from 11/08 BWOF. I even have the perfect plummy purple doubleknit for it in stash:

This great cowl top was in the newest Burda Plus magazine! LOVE it.

Same Burda Plus issue was this great dress. And, I have a great charcoal knit, but it's sort of scratchy which worries me. It's not a cotton or rayon, but some sort of poly I guess. Still, I could wear this with a cute thin turtleneck in the winter and I'll never know it's scratchy!

From the 8/09 issue of BWOF, this great vintagey top. It needs a pretty, flowing chiffon or georgette. I may have to purchase that, all my chiffon and georgette is in solids, and I'd like to see it in a great print! (Wish I still had some of that cream and black dot georgette. Darnit.)

LOVE this dress. June 09 BWOF issue maybe?? Possibly July.

I've been wanting to try these pants since last November when I got this BWOF issue! They look SO similar to my favorite Eddie Bauer pant.

I've always loved this jacket too. And the skirt is cute too! These are from the 9/08 issue of BWOF.

Just a great, fun top. Also from the 9/08 issue.

I've been meaning to make this knit top since September of 2007 when the issue first came out. Bout time to follow through!Ok, maybe you can tell I'm a little disorganized and have too many great ideas! I do actually have more bottoms too... Marlene trousers (BWOF had one recently in the plus section I think?) Possibly a denim trouser. I'll be pulling out the fabrics and looking at all my options this weekend to finish up a storyboard. So be on the lookout for that soon!!


  1. Well, at least your mojo hasn't crapped out on you. Did you see I TOTALLY did the black and white thing in mine??

  2. I wanted to try to SWAP, not enough time in my life right now, but will try to make a basics wardrobe to pull things together in my closet from RTW and sewn. I will consider myself MOSWAP-ping too, then.

  3. It looks like a very loose plan to me. I need to make some new clothes too! I want dresses, and boots, and I would kill for a pair of pants that fit *and* look good.

    Will be watching to see what you make. I think you're more apple to my pear, but I always look at your clothing and think - I want that! g

  4. Count me in for a MOSWAP, too! That is, after I finish the Chanel jacket, the embroidery jobs, the homecoming dress for a client... ugh.

  5. Your sewing plan is ambious and I love it.

  6. A girl's gotta' do what a girl's gotta do! I can't do a SWAP, although it's a great idea. I simply do not have the time. You always make lovely pieces, and doing your own thing is just fine.


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