Monday, December 21, 2009


I don't normally blog celebrity news, because...I don't care very much for celebrity. But I'm saddened by the passing of Brittany Murphy. Mostly because it is such a flipping waste!

I loved Clueless, and went on to enjoy her in other things. I was sad to see her disintegrating appearance over the years. She was just adorable when she was a healthy, normal weight.

One of her last appearances (this photo is dated December 1) show her emaciated frame and pale, unrecognizable face.

How sad that she has, for years now, subjected her body to such ridiculous expectations and deprivation. How sad that she never understood how completely wonderful she was before.

Although they are saying "natural causes" right now, I don't think its any coincidence that Karen Carpenter was also 32 when she died.


  1. My husband said yesterday "Somebody just IM'd that Brittany Murphey died... ?" in a sort of shocked voice, and my instant repsonse was "I'm not surprised." That's not to say that I wasn't saddened, not at all. But my second response to his look of surprise was "If that girl weighed 90 pounds I'd be shocked." He had no idea, since like you we tend to ignore celebrity. But it's such a sad thing to see a beautiful young woman lose so much. I feel so sad for her family who must have had to watch that disintigration. I've seen that first-hand and, unless the family members are contributing to the problem, it's pretty tough on them.

    hmmph. now I'm a little bit depressed. I think I'll get back to work.

    "foxalero". seriously. it was "foxalero".

  2. I did not watch her shows, but had seen her on SNL or something. It is sad that weight is so forced on these celebrities.

  3. I didn't realise that she had become so thin lately. I remember her being all fresh and peachy. How awful and sad.

    It makes me think about body image, health, the fashion industry... it kind of makes you feel like sewing your own clothes isn't just fun and creative, but a defiant stand against the fashion nazis who decide which body shape is right and who can go and buy flattering clothes that fit.

  4. You are right, this is very sad and a waste.

  5. Hi,

    I said the same thing for my husband!!! very sad, try to be what this "world"says what is "beautiful"and be dead!!!

  6. I agree completely - thank you for taking time to honour her and reflect on the extreme pressures of her life. That shows a good heart.

  7. I thought the same thing - that it must be related to her losing so much weight - but I didn't hear anybody acknowledge that in any news reports... I'm glad somebody actually said it out loud! Thank you, Angie!


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