Sunday, December 20, 2009


I hate crowded shopping malls. No parking, people shoving, crabby salesclerks. I do my best to keep a cheery disposition even when its nearly impossible with all the negativity surrounding me. But sometimes even I get pissy.

For example, I waited in line 15 minutes yesterday to buy my parents a gift card at Cracker Barrel, only to have some woman bypass the ENTIRE line to rudely jump in front of me when it was my turn. Because she "didn't feel like waiting." I politely said, "oh, I'm sorry this is the front of the line, the end is back there" (pointing to the other side of the room). The clerk says, "Oh, she can skip the line. It doesn't matter."

I would normally bite my tongue, but this time I responded, "It matters to me. And I'm pretty sure it matters to the 30 people behind me." Still polite, still smiling. No need to get everyone's panties in a bunch, but neither is it in the Christmas spirit to cause more wait time to people who have politely been waiting their turn. I hate people like that. I turned and left without purchasing anything at all.

The funny thing is, and I didn't realize it until my sister pointed it out in the car, that line included people waiting to pay for their dinner ticket as well as the gift store people. So when I left, they had no idea whether I had a dinner ticket to pay for or not! Bwhahaha!! Serves them right. For all they know I left with a $100 meal in my pocket. (I didn't.)

My Christmas shopping haul included these non presents. For me. Because that's how I roll.

Gorgeous 2.5 yards of vintage, 1960s linen. Yumm-O!

Fabulous creamy faceted bead necklace:

Oh, and a stack of patterns from Hobby Lobby's Simplicity Sale, including this one, which my dear readers suggested for the ModCloth knockoff:

And this wasn't purchased yesterday, rather I bought it for myself for my birthday/Christmas and wore it yesterday. (I use that excuse for everything I buy in Nov/Dec. Ahem.) This gorgeous locket is by Melissa Stevenson, whose Etsy shop can be found HERE. She makes the most amazing enameled jewelry, but the lockets are my favorite. And since I have a love of all things bird, this one bespoke my name:

It hangs from a beautiful brass chain. I love the vintage-y feel, the applied brass flower detailing, the sage green enameling...pretty much everything about it. And the locket is large enough to hold a decent closeup of my two favorite people, hanging close to my heart where they belong.

ps...I did almost finish shopping. Gotta do the stockings and then I'm through! Whew. And to all you crabby line jumpers out there, I really do hope you have a blessed Christmas!


  1. I'm not crazy about crowds, either. My niece really wants a particular item at a particular store that involves a special 30 min. drive, just for her. I called and the wonderful store checked stock and is holding it at check-out for me. Phew, if I had to drive all that way for nuthin', I'd be peeved. Thank God for "calling ahead"!
    Love the creamy beads and the locket. Really, really beautiful!

  2. I love that fabric!! I can't wait to see what you make out of it.

    And I'm pretty sure December is supposed to be when you buy stuff for yourself... I have a very strict "one for them, one for me" policy when buying Christmas presents.

    As for line jumping and bad customer service, good for you for walking away! I always like to not support places that have bad customer service. I've even been known to Write. A. Letter. I'm sure it does absolutley no good (well, sometimes I get a refund or replacement of something) but I firmly believe that businesses should remember what side their bread is buttered on. Saying that, I've never ever not once ever had a good experience with service at a Cracker Barrel.

    Wow. I shoudn't post comments in the morning, I'm a little too hyper and wordy. Sorry.

    Seriously? My verification word today is "jelogras". Jello Grass? What the...?

  3. I hate line jumpers, anywhere, and I have been known to give up my place in line to someone with only one item if I have several which will take some time.

    I love the vintage 60's linen you purchased. Much of what we see in retro 60's & 70's fabric is the "flower power" style, and it is cute, but there were some beautiful creative fabrics out there at the time. I still have a couple of items made from that fabric--now too small, but I will not get rid of them because they are special.

  4. Too bad about the shoppig experience, I hate it, too. You will love S2473, I just finished mine in the Sophia double knit from My bodice lines fit out of the envelope, how rare is that! Very little adjusting, too. Have fun with your things. I use the same excuse with my birthday being Dec 25!

  5. That was such a rude thing. Love your fabric.

  6. Ugh!!!!! How annoying!

    Love that Simplicity pattern. I had it up next in a Christmassy embroidered taffeta, but have decided I don't want the stress of finishing a dress in 4 days with everything else I have to finish up.

    Beautiful locket. I wanted to look at her shop but she's got it closed for Christmas. Thanks for posting the link. I'll definitely be checking back later. I've never purchased anything on Etsy. How does one go about finding things of good quality? I'm intimidated by it for some reason.

  7. I like how you roll! I don't think we should leave ourselves out when it comes to gift buying!

  8. Oh I wish I could have been there when you politely smiled and firmly stated "it matters to me". Are you sure you didn't hear thunderous applause from the people behind you?

    Love, love, love that fabric.

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  10. Love the locket. It's fabulous. I'm playing hookey and spending a weekend out of town with my hubby. I'll be calling in sick and finishing my shopping on Monday and Tuesday I'll still be sick and doing a personal yarn crawl while hubby is in school.

    Happy Holidays to you :) g


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