Saturday, December 26, 2009


Well, we had a white Christmas! Did you?

More pics of that and some furry cuteness in just a second. First though, I can finally post pics of the single handmade gift I crafted this season. I would be more ashamed, but the 3+ weeks of flu I suffered seriously cut into my usual Christmas craftiness. she is. Miss Kitty2:

She's pretty fetching, don't you think? Her boggly eyes crack me up (I used 1940's plastic buttons from my vintage button tin). The pattern can be found in this book by Jenny Ryan, Sew Darn Cute.

Technically the pattern is for a Square Bear. But my Lu loves kitties, so I just redrew the ears and added some kitty-like whiskers to her little pink, embroidered nose.

Lucky for me, while Lu may be fast outgrowing all things dolly (sniff), she still appreciates a good plushy! Just some details on Miss Kitty2: She is made from mint green wool felt (head, back & extremities), a cute "3 pigs" Japanese linen for the body front, and red rickrack accents. I used scraps of quilting cotton in a retro print for her ears, and pinked all the edges of her ears, arms and legs. She also has a red satin bow tacked to one ear, because she's a sassy kitty.

Now on to weather pics, in case you're on the beach and need to see the white stuff. It's been several years since it snowed on Christmas here! But it was blizzard conditions all night Christmas Eve, and bitterly cold. (It's still well under 30 degrees F.)

This is from Christmas morning in my back yard; the wind was whipping the snow so hard it made your eyes water!

See? Oscar says Brrr.

So does Megs.

Refrigerated Farm Food:


And one more of little Os, who actually loves the snow and would have stayed out longer. Except I'm a wuss and made him go in with me.

Christmas was wonderful, and over too soon. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday too!


  1. Merry Christmas, Angie! I bet Lu loved the kitty, since she's so absolutely adorable! I wish I had the smarts to keep something my mom made me when I was little. Are those really vintage 40's buttons? I just used a pink one just like those on DDs nightgown after finding it in my button box. Must've been a hand-me-down from Grandma's sewing stuff! Whatd'ya know...

  2. Girl, looks like you got a lot less snow than we did. Lucky you!! That kitty is ADORABLE. I wish I had more inclination (i.e. less laziness) to make cute stuff like that. But I don't. I'm selfish that way.

    Merry Christmas (again)!

    PS Nice pony.

  3. Well that kitty is pretty cute. But seriously? Couldn't we have some Stella love? g

  4. One day I'd love to have a white Christmas. Instead we sweltered away with a very hot Christmas Day. :)

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