Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Beangirl & I have been trading interesting word verifications for a while now. (Because we don't have enough excuses to avoid sewing and stuff.)

This is my new favorite.

I will now use (and abuse) this expression for the remainder of the day (or possibly week). Like...
Beangirl: "You can replace 1/2 cup oil with mashed, ripe banana when baking!"
Me: "The DOG, you say!"

That's all.


  1. There are some word verifications that are pretty way out there :)))

  2. you crack me up. HA! My current word for THIS post is "insati."

  3. I never get good word verifications - darn it! I love that - thedog. Mine is "crefient".

    happy holidays to your and yours. g

  4. That is too funny, never looked at them as real words. I'm on the lookout for my favourite one now.

  5. that is funny - it's crazy what words come up sometimes!

  6. You are the DOG, girl! I am SO going to use that all day.

    And today's word for me is "poleteer". Is that, like, a person who calls and asks you annoying questions about political campaigns? The poleteer? I hate those guys!


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