Monday, August 30, 2010

Ottobre Woman: Fall

I love a good surprise. And today this shocked me by appearing in my mailbox!

I don't know how I forgot that it was "due" to arrive, but I did. (I have a theory that teenage hormones kill adult brain cells. It would explain alot about my life.)

Basically this issue is chock full of wonderful basics that are just a little bit differen than what we've seen before. No, not Milan or Paris "hot off the runway" designs. But that's just fine by me.

All of the following design peeks from inside the issue are straight from the Ottobre website! You can download the line drawing pdf there too!

First up, some snazzy jackets. Oh, how I want Fall to get here!! This green jacket is gorgeous. GORGEOUS! It's one of the smaller sized patterns, only going to a size 46. I start with a 46 for my neck/chest, so that's fine for me but it always gives me a little grumble that they don't do every pattern up to size 52. I'd even pay a couple bucks more! More patterns for all, Amen.

This magenta jacket is also very snappy for fall, and I might even be tempted to sew (for the first time ever!) with some of that new fashionably cute fleece. (This is wool, however.) Some of the fleece I saw last year was very wool-like in appearance. This pattern is size 44-52.

And isn't that model adorable? She's on the BACK COVER too! Isn't that the most awesomest thing ever?? A plus size model on a (mostly) straight size magazine cover! Well, ok, it's the back cover. But still!

This tunic is very spring/summer-like to me, but I like it anyway. And I'm glad they included it since I am such a slow sewist during the fall/winter months. I might actually finish one by spring.

I think it looks very "Sew Serendipity" (a book I've yet to make anything out of. More hours in the day please!)

I love this pink sweater/knit top. The rosebuds are a bit retro and very current fashion-wise. The neckline yoke is a nice touch too. The skirt is also in the mag; a nice, basic a-line with a waistband.

LOVE the grey dress on the right in the photo below. I will definitely be making that out of a couple of pieces of double knit I'm hoarding. (But, um, I will be lengthening mine to a schoolteacher appropriate length.)

Here's that cutie patootie model again, in two versions of the same knit top pattern. I really like them both, but I worry about the preggo look.

Sidenote...I'm rather paranoid about that preggo look anyway, because I'm hunched over a computer (or sewing machine!) all the time. I've progressed to having poor posture over the last several years! I've been doing twice daily stretches and other back/neck/shoulder exercises to realign my spine and I'm trying to be more aware of posture on a daily basis. My torso (empire line) really IS the slimmest part of me and looks nice if emphasized, so its possible I can make these cute knit tops work for me with some tweaking of the side seam shaping.

These trousers are a classic. Drat if they only go to size 46 though. There is another pair for size 40-52 that are "cropped" and I'm thinking I can just superimpose the legs of these onto those for a full length pant in my bum size.

The beautiful blue jacket on the right is the same pattern as the green one above, so it is only up to size 46, but worth a look and probably worth a grading up. Love the color of that wool. Too bad I'm too cheap to dry clean on a regular basis (plus, inconvenient much? If you live in the country or a rural area then you know what I mean! You city-dwellers think I'm off my nut right now, but that's ok.)

I'm suddenly inspired to sew again! Whew. I was worried a little when the past 2 weekends went by with empty hours and a silent Bernina.

Oh, and I am blaming Debbie Cook for a recent purchase that I'm picking up tomorrow. I won't give you any more hints, but I am So. In. Love. Can't wait to show that one!

Happy Monday!


  1. So basically your Evil Plan is that since you aren't sewing anything, you're going to goad us (i.e. me) into buying more patterns and fabric and stuff. Right? Man, you are wicked. Wicked wicked wicked.

    Hmmph. Now I have to go look at the Ottobre website again.

  2. Love that pea coat and the other coat? the first one? I have the perfect blue tapestry weight that would be perfect - if only I wasn't afraid to make a coat.

    so - my local borders still doesn't have the August Burda in stock - shall I just forgetaboutit? I did 'subsribed' to Ottobre. I'm excited. g

  3. My copy was delivered this weekend too, and I can't decide which garment to sew up first! I agree with you, I think this is a great issue. (Love the green patterned coat and the pink sweater with the roses!)

  4. OH you make me want to be naughty and buy that issue. So cute.

  5. Got mine Friday! I really liked this issue too and love that model. She's just a touch smaller than me and it's so nice to see those garments on her. I'm with you on the coat. I LOVE that blue one, but dang it all! Why don't they make it bigger, too. Not that I would actually make it but still...Ha! I like that gray dress and may make that one.

  6. What? WHAT?? Could it be a new (old) Viking??

    I think I want this issue. I stopped subbing a while ago but I may have to source this one out. I actually felt my mojo quiver a bit when I saw these pics. Take THAT current quilting bug in my bonnet. ;-)

  7. I was so happy to get this issue, too! This is my first year getting "O" and I'm loving it. So many classic patterns in this issue that I'd love to try. Now I need to beef up my knit stock :)

  8. Sigh...I went to the Ottobre website and ordered a subscription.. I looked at back issues and they appear to do more classic looking clothing and I love that they use models of all shapes and ages!!!

  9. Oh my goodness, I LOVE your site! I stumbled across it while trying to find pea coat sewing patterns. I'm so drooling over that lovely robin's egg blue coat - gotta make it! But HOW do I get the pattern for it? I went to the Ottobre website, but couldn't find a "Buy" or "Order" button. Help me please - I've GOT to make that coat!!! ♥

    1. Hi Irene! If you go to the Ottobre site and choose "subscribe" from the right side menu, then choose the tab at the top that says "single issue" you can buy the single issue there! It is a BEAUTIFUL coat, good choice!! This is the 5/2010 issue and it's still available right now!


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