Thursday, September 09, 2010

fall sewing, now in progress.

It's no longer 100 degrees every day! Fall's coming. Finally.

I'm working on this tee (from the new Ottobre Woman), all cut out and ready to stitch:

But the rest of my fall sewing is up in the air. I've been perusing my files for favorites from the past since the new Burda Style magazine/Big 4 patterns haven't really inspired me so much.

I think this dress is from BWOF 2/08? Love it.

This dress is from a recent Burda Style, in the plus section:
And this is a previously made "jumper" from the 9/2007 issue of BWOF. I've worn the original to death, so this is a contender for a repeat in black doubleknit.
Although, I only have one piece of black doubleknit, and I really love this vintage pattern:

And I'm out of time for blogging this morning, so one last fall pattern favorite... This one a top with a cool necktie, for under jackets and cardigans. I don't have the BWOF issue handy, but I'll try to find the month/year in case you need to make it too! I've had it earmarked at least a couple of years.

Actually, I've had most of these (and a hundred others) earmarked for too long. Let's get that fall sewing mojo jumpstarted! I'm tried of having nothing to wear!

Have a great Thursday!!


  1. Anonymous8:12 AM

    Hi Angie. Please let me know the burda pattern for the tie blouse!! please, please...I saw a wonderful bold gingham blouse in black and white in the same style. Wouldn't it look cute with a cardi???

  2. Ooooohhh! I love all of those. Cute, cute, cute.

    You make me want Burda.

  3. I like all of those, but especially the vintage (blue version) and the BS wrap dress. Perfect!

    Word Verification: "untan". I guess that's good for a Fall post, right?

  4. You have a nice little list of oldies but goodies.

  5. You find the best patterns! I can't wait to see what you sew up. g


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