Sunday, September 19, 2010

in progress: Vtg Simplicity 1672

Hiya. I'm actually making progress (sort of) on something. Today I started on an adorable 1940s war-time dress, in the scalloped version:

For fabric, I chose this creamy white and purple vintage find:

There's a slight slub in the weave, making it a little bit crisper and dressier than plain old cotton. It's only 36 inches wide and I have a little more than 4 yards, so I'm hopeful I have enough! I may have to do the facings out of a solid white.

You know I've been exhausted and slow-going for a couple of weeks now. I thought it was just the busy school year, but turns out I also have a kidney infection. I am taking it easy this weekend, partly because I only have small bursts of energy. Honestly, folding laundry this morning wore me out. This easy little dress may take me more than a week to finish!

I've got the bodice altered and now I'm taking a break to write this post. This afternoon I plan to cut out the bodice and alter the skirt pieces.

In fun mail day news...this beautiful vintage slip came this week:

I am seriously in love with it. It was a "cutter"; in other has a couple of worn places and there are a few lace tears, so the ebay seller was putting it up cheap to be CUT UP by a crafter!! WHAT?? (haha). No no no no no. This is a gorgeous example of lace work and fine pintucks and no way was I going to let it be cut up if I could help it!

Here's a close up of the tucks, 5 folded tucks followed by 5 tiny pintucks.

The laces are amazing, alternating with a tiny strip of batiste fabric between sections.

Oh, if only I had a 23" waist, I'd repair the few bits and wear this! Anthropologie had a similar slip/skirt last year. Maybe I should use this one and knock off my own version!


  1. "Oh, if only I had a 23 inch waist..." Aren't we all singing that song??
    That is a lovely slip, and I know you'll enjoy it, however you use it. I hope you are feeling better soon. Being under the weather can really take it out of you!

  2. 23 inch waist?!?! Heck, I just measured Savannah's waist at 23.5 inches and she's NINE YEARS OLD! Seriously, that slip is TDF. Thank goodness you rescued it bofore someone cut it up for a craft project! Oh, and that dress with the scalloped edges is gorgeous. I can't wait to see it in that pretty fabric. Love those purple flowers!

  3. So what exactly will you do with a gorgeous vintage slip that you can't wear?

  4. Love that you are sewing this weekend. Knock that slip off into a lovely skirt when you feel better. Kidney infections are no fun! g

  5. Hope you are feeling peppier soon. That scalloped edge dress is lovely: cute wrap-front skirt detail, too. Look forward to seeing it made up. If I had a 23" waist I'd look deformed! (I think that's the size of one of my thighs.)

  6. Sorry to hear you have been sick. I love that fabric for the dress. I hope you have enough, it will be divine!

  7. I love the scalloped neckline on the pattern. Which version are you making?

  8. Awww, feel better soon, Ang! The slip is lovely, but I absolutely love your purple cotton print! Take is easy, but I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished dress!

  9. About the vintage slip:
    Why not take the waistband off and release some of the gathers. Then add a new waistband to fit you. Would that work?

  10. That slip is to die for! Hum... I've got a 23'' waist, if I forget to eat for a few days. lol! If only if only

    I nominated you for a beautiful blogger award - info is on my blog!


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