Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Some people think I'm "plumb crazy", but here's a photo essay of why I choose to live within a mile of my parents...

Note Pa Pa isn't holding the lead rope anymore...

My horse crazy girl...

Priscilla, confused as to why I'm on the OTHER side of the fence.

Megan, who's camera shy.

You just can't replace a good Pa Pa who'll come by at 6 p.m. on a Tuesday night, because "his girl" wants to ride.

ps...the little turquoise dress turned out great. Just needs a hem now. I can't show you a picture of it on the recipient, but it fit her perfectly! Can you just imagine...measure, choose pattern size, adjust length, and sew. And it fits?? Wow, I'm super jealous. It was a fabulous, easy pattern. I recommend it if you need a quick, easy sheath!


  1. Oh man, now I want to take up horseback riding!

    I live a lot further away from my parents (Hawaii vs.Maine). No kids, though, so at least I'm not depriving them of frequent visits with the grandkids.

  2. I think you've made the right choice. My kids have grown up without grandparents in their lives. My husbands parents did not live long enough to see any of their grandchildren and my parents live 1000 miles away (and are somewhat estranged). We've had to compromise with surrogate grand parents - not the same.

  3. You, and your children are fortunate. There is a huge hole in your heart when the parents are gone. Enjoy them, love them and made wonderful memories.

  4. Ooo, horses. (Or is that "harses harses harses"?) My kids are now getting to where we're probably going to have to buy them a dumb horse. Oh to have a PaPa who would take care of them (and it) for us! Lucky!

    (And we moved all the way across the entire planet to be close to my parents with the kids, so I don't think that's goofy of you at all!)

  5. Stella! Where is my girl?

    I love that PaPa thinks nothing of taking his girl for a ride. I'm guessing this is about the equivalent to holding onto the bike seat?

    Glad the dress turned out. You sound better - hope you are feeling better too! g

  6. Wonderful! It's so nice to be close to family, if you ask me...
    I wanna learn to ride a horse! Whaaaa...

  7. I'm with on Angela. Family is so important. It's good you are close to yours. It may a world of difference.

  8. I envy you. My parents are half a continent away and DH's mother is out of the picture. I feel like my kids are missing out on something very important.

    Lu looks thoroughly happy and content. You can't beat that.


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