Friday, September 10, 2010

Project Runway at fashion week...

If you watch PR, you might know that they showed at Fashion week this week! Of course, all of the designers remaining thus far had a collection to show, so as not to spoil the remainder of the season. Several will be eliminated between now and the finale, so it's just a guessing game at this point.

Here are my favorites, some of whom surprised me and some of whom didn't surprise me in the least.

First surprise? I freaking LOVED Mondo's collection and he's one of my least favorite personalities on the show this season. My favorite things from his show (it was actually hard to choose just 3!):

The colors, the patterns, the silhouettes. I pretty much loved the entire collection. Go Mondo! Now I'm hoping he's in the final 3!

I loved Christopher's collection even though it was very simple. Thus far on the show he has been in the background, one of those "quiet ones". But everything in his show was very wearable and pretty, I think.

I love love love Michael C. I think he's a doll on the show and have never been quite able to figure out why the other designers hate on him so much. He seems sweet and genuine. (SPOILER: I was happy on this week's episode to see a little bit of turnaround from Mondo.) Here are my favorite pieces from Michael C.'s show, even though the collection itself was a little too Las Vegas Show Girl for me:

I love April, she reminds me of a student I had in class, so I've been rooting for her even though I don't necessarily share her design aesthetic. This is a nice piece though:

Valerie's collection was... Interesting. But I liked a few pieces, although it was more like concept art than clothing. This was my favorite:

Gretchen's collection was fugly. Could it be my intense dislike of her on the show is coloring my view?? I don't think so. I read some reviews and it's a pretty universal 'blech' response.

And WTHeck is going on with the pleats on these pants anyway? There's like some weird zigzaggy stitching across them horizontally where the widest part of your hips would be (if you had hips, which, this model does NOT.) And the darker ombre of the fabric right at the crotch looks like she pee'd her pants. Now THAT'S a print faux pas I don't think I've encountered before.

I dislike Andy on the show too, and other than the celestial headdresses, which I found fascinating, his collection was not my taste either. But I did like this one:

(I think that dress leaving the runway in the background was my 2nd favorite piece, but I didn't show it here because honestly, it would only look good on that 10 year old boy figure of the model wearing it. It's very Calvin Klein in that way.)

I'm terrible at guessing the final 3 (or 4!) and I have never once guessed the winner on this show correctly, so I'm not going to start hazarding guesses now. Mondo's is my favorite, hands down, so I hope he makes it through!

Tom & Lorenzo blogged all the collections (I snagged pictures for this post here, there and everywhere) and they have the entire collections on their blog. So go see and report back on your favorites hasta pronto!


  1. I stopped watching PR in the middle of last season (bleh) so I haven't seen anything this time around. But OMG that first collection was TO DIE FOR. That is one of the most refreshing things I've seen come down that runway in a long time. Now I'm rootin' for that dude, whoever he is.

  2. I loved Mondo's as well. It was great. I noticed a shot of one of his outfits on the cover of a NY newspaper yesterday as I strolled past it at the grocery.

    I hate to say it, but I really liked Ivy's collection. I guess it was the simplicity of it and the amazing tailoring. Her two dresses were some of my favorites. Very feminine. I wanted to ring her next this week though.

  3. I had no idea that everyone left at this point would get to show their own collections! That's really nice. I personally liked Andy's the best. Loved his color palette.


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