Monday, April 11, 2011

lovely blog inspiration

Brief intermission to bring you flash fashion news...

I ran across a really gorgeous fashion pictorial a couple of days ago and wanted to share some images here.  The blog is From Me to You.

I had high hopes upon stumbling across it that it was a vintage fashion blog, but no, it appears to be a photography blog.  (All images are credited to the blogger/photographer, I just had to share, they're so lovely!)

These are from Fashion Week, and feature a variety of glamorous, vintage celebrity inspirations. 

Such beautiful outfits, and all so easily worn today too.  I hope you'll go visit the frommetoyou blog and see all of the daily outfit photos.  There are several featured with each outfit, and well worth the visit.

Carry on.


  1. Miss A,
    I am very busy studying. Please don't post such wonderful things to distract me!
    I love love love that mustard skirt.
    RL x

  2. Jeez, you suck. You KNOW I'm supposed to be doing senior portraits tonight.

    OMG did you see her Texas tags? I wonder how much she charges for prints... I'm forwarding it to my parents anyway (they collect b/w photography, especially "south west").

    argggghhhh... too much to look at.

    word verificaiton: "chingly"... that a adjective for crystal glasses... they're chingly.

  3. Oh you find the very best things evah! Don't you sleep? g

  4. These are so gorgeous! I love her Marilyn Monroe photos the best!

  5. Beautiful photography (and clothing!).


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