Sunday, April 24, 2011

70s-inspired: Summer of the Sundress

Fashion from the 1970s gets a bad rap.  I've been guilty of the dissing myself! But there were some pretty awesome things happening fashion-wise in the 70s.  One of my fave trends, for example, is the bohemian or "boho chic" look. I gravitate to peasant blouses and flowy tunics to this day.

You can find my garments here, here, here and here.
And as you know, I'm a big fan of  mixing prints.  I did a whole tutorial on being brave about your print mixing last year. I'm pretty sure my love of patchy-mismatchy stems from my mother's forays into patchwork in the 70s.  My sister & I both had a version of the vintage skirt below (which has already sold in this etsy shop).  And I unwittingly made nearly an identical skirt for Lu three years ago!

You can find my garments here and here.
Calicos, lace and rick rack found popularity in the 70s, a throwback to the feedsacks and sweet trims of the 1940s which was experiencing a resurgence. I love dainty floral prints!

You can find my top here.

Currently, I'm enamored of 1970s sundresses.  I can't stop looking for patterns and examples online. I love the sweet prints, the dainty touches of lace, piping, pintuckes, and ruffles.  I love the fitted bodices, the strappy ties and the length (just at or below the knee). 

Here are several examples for you to enjoy, along with their etsy or ebay seller name.

I think 2011 will be the summer of the sundress.  Now... I'm off to sew.  Enjoy your holiday weekend everyone!


  1. Love the collection of sundresses you showcased. You are reading my mind because I've been talking about sundresses since Thursday.

  2. I love some 70's styles, no bell bottoms, though. I have some 70's remnants from my mom, the calicoes were more like gingham weight instead of quilting cotton, maybe a lower thread count, looser weave, making them more drapey. I love the plisses from that time, after a wash, they are so soft.

  3. I love the "idea" of wearing some fabulous sundresses this summer (and certainly have a stash that can support it), but *know* that when the time comes... I reach for shorts and a tank. Inevitable!

  4. I love 70's sundresses! I agree the 70's get a bad rap - it's not all poly double knits and huge bell bottoms. The boho peasanty looking stuff is great and always seems to come back in style.

  5. Wow I love all those sun dresses! They are really beautiful.

  6. Anonymous8:19 PM

    I'm all ABOUT summery, boho tunics this year, too.

  7. These are groovy- I really like #4!

  8. Again - you manage to hit the nail on the head. Those dresses are fabulous. I love the patchwork twirly skirt you made for Lu. And sweet tiny florals are always so darn sweet. Love them! g


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