Sunday, April 10, 2011

Vtg Butterick 7762 - in progress

Sorry for the MIA-ness this week.  I had a school trip last weekend, and Saturday school, and new classes, and general running around trying to catch my tail.  Very little sewing going on, but I did do some handstitching on a nautical knit top from this vintage Butterick 7762:

I have had this pattern for YEARS (like, more than 10!)  It was one of the first vintage patterns I ever bought.   I don't know why I waited so long to try it. I was prompted into it by the super cute Sarah over at Rhinestones and Telephones, who has been using this pattern the past year for all sorts of cute things.

I made the top in a navy/white stripe poly-something knit:

Love the print, hate the fabric.  It's HOT.  
It's not hemmed yet, and if you look close you can see the serged edge of the sleeves.  I still need to finish tacking down the boatneck facing too.  I typically hate boatnecks ON, but I love the look of them.  Why is that?

Here's a much less flattering shot, hehe.

Gah.  I could have sucked it in, right?  I will comfort myself that it's just a bad angle.  Ahem. You can see the hem rolling up too. I never noticed, but it was that way in every single shot.  You can sort of see the cool chevroning that happens when you stitch this top in a stripe.

Those red pants are about to fall off my butt too.  They're actually the ankle-length pants from this pattern!  I haven't put in the waist stay or facing yet.  I was trying to decide if they needed a bit taken up at the waist (and now I 've decided YES, or I'll have saggy crotch.  Ew.)

That's it.  I was gonna show you the pants too, in progress, since they fit pretty darn well.  But, saggy crotch prevents me. Let me get the waist taken up a tad, and a stay in place, and then I'll show you!

Green plaid dress is still waiting for a zipper.  Why do I procrastinate on these??  It's so cute too, and the weather is PERFECT for wearing it right now.  Maybe this week. 

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


  1. girlfriend you crack me up! I've spent the weekend sewing rather than doing anything even remotely 'housewifey'.

    Love the top and it will be darling with the red pants. g

  2. I just sold that pattern on Etsy. Who knew it was so popular!

  3. Cute pattern! But I bet that fabric is hot. It looks great, though!
    And red pants - very cool.

  4. If the top is too hot for summer, put it aside until Autumn. It looks great.


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