Wednesday, April 27, 2011

pretties, in progress, etc.

Due to the indescribably bad weather, I have not had phone or internet for a couple of days...yikes.  I wish I could report I used that time to work on projects, but honestly the most I got done was to cut out a little lawn sundress.  Which, I don't have enough batiste to fully line sooo.... I'm at a bit of a crossroads.  I hate when I do that. 

I used this pretty 1950s Vogue sundress pattern for the bodice:

The lawn is pink, tropical print.  I think I got it from Fashion Fabrics Club last spring.  I cut the bodice as drafted, just adding a bit under the arm for insurance.   For the skirt,  I didn't have quite enough fabric to do  the gores and follow the directional print. So gathered skirt it is!

This afternoon I've perused the new offerings at Modcloth.  There are some really cute spring & summer things out now!  Here are several things I love and think are worth knocking off...

How amazing is that pink gingham trench???  LOVE!    And the last dress is named "Hawaii, 1955".  LOVE AGAIN!

The first dress may be the one I actually try to knock off first.  I have this cotton print in stash and I haven't had a clue what to do with it:

It's by Andover and is called "Oh La La". I think it's perfect to knock off that cute sheath!  Here's a closeup of the neck detailing:

Then there are a bout a dozen other things worth perusing my pattern stash for knockoff potential:

And then there's this sweet blouse (in two incarnations):

I couldn't have been more excited a few days ago when I found the perfect pattern to knock this off!  I knew it had to be 80s (or preferably 40s, but that turned out to be asking too much).  Gathered shoulders to yoke, tie neck with collar options preferably, button front placket, cap sleeves (cut on or separate).  Here's the winner:

Good gravy, this post could have been divided into several parts.   ha.  Sorry, it must be Wordy Wednesday!  Progress on SOMETHING coming up in the next few days, I promise!


  1. That blouse pattern is perfect. I love it and do believe that I owned it at one time. I could truly KICK myself for throwing away my old patterns before I started sewing again.

  2. I love the carousel dress!

  3. That fabric IS perfect to knockoff that dress! Wow! I can't wait to see it! PS - you have had terrible weather all year. I feel like you were snowed in all winter, and now you're still dealing w/ terrible storms. I hope you are safe and it doesn't last much longer!

  4. And here I thought you were just ignoring me.

    LOVE that dress knock-off plan. Also totally love that gingham trench.

  5. I'm with you on the gingham trench and I think you should use your retro cotton on the dress. It is perfect for it. Love the ideas for the blouses. Looking forward to seeing the final products.

  6. I saw that first dress on Mod Cloth, and also fell in love with it and vowed to knock it off myself! Heehee! It's in my bookmarks as 'dress inspiration' as I just love that collar detail. (Will be a while before I get round to it I'm sure)

  7. I obviously need to check out Modcloth. Great ideas. Your blouse pattern will be perfect.

  8. i CANNOT wait to see this!

  9. Ooh, very pretty things!! That fabric is perfect for the dress - that'll be gorgeous!

  10. my kitchen used to be wallpapered in a print like that oh la la fabric. that stuff was awful to take off -- came off in itty bitty pieces...

    that trench is so adorable.

  11. So many lovely projects-I look forward to all the beautiful finished garments!


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