Monday, November 14, 2011

Speaking of weight loss...

Oh I wasn't?  Well, it comes after pie dontcha know?  Yummy pieeee.


I told Shannon I was going to make a chart for my fridge with all of my "rewards" for inspiration.  Blogger works too though.  Ouch.  Reinforcement strategies FTW.

First weight loss goal (in 11 lbs):
Miz Mooz

And, um, since I technically already purchased those... (they pinch my ankle the tiniest bit, which I'm hoping evaporates with that next 11 lbs) the next goal will be an anthro sweater of choice. (I'm rewarding myself at 10 lb increments). I suppose it will depend largely on what's still available, but here are several current ones I LURV:

Cute clothes.  The ultimate motivator.
Last, but certainly not lease...  Happiest of Birthday's to my best friend, my sister Desiree...


  1. Good luck thats a fab idea! I have lost a stone since september and I feel great for it! I'm trying to reward myself in 14lb increments but the next one seems a long time away! x

  2. That's a great idea! My hubby's already offered $150 to shop with if I loose 30 lbs but I think a midway treat is in order now!

  3. That's a great idea. I really love that yellow sweater. So cute!

  4. Nine pounds in a month is an incredible weight loss. Congrats!

  5. These goals are very enticing. Good luck! Also, you and your sister look SO MUCH alike! Which I'm sure you hear all the time. Love it! I always wished I looked like someone in the family.

  6. Good luck and great motivational post

  7. Ooooooo... the first sweater! the first sweater!


    (word verification: "militype"... it's those stencilled letters. you know. MILItype.)

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