Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thanksgiving Feast: Peanut Butter Pie

So my brother's girlfriend brought this crack to our Christmas dinner last year:

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The expression on my, my sister's, and my mother's faces at the first bite was... priceless (technically thinking of another word, but we're talking about my mother here.)

I knew I could never (never ever ever ever) make this unless it was for a GIANT FAMILY FOOD EXTRAVAGANZA. 


But, you know, if you don't believe me, the recipe is linked up there below the photo.  Which I stole from All Recipes.  Then credited.  Fair Use, yo!

The recipe doesn't point out that the real killer is adding chopped Reese's cups to the top.  That's sort of a must-have. 

My problemo right now is... I've been thinking about it since the day after Halloween because PIE DAY is comin!  Mmmm....pieeee....

I've been doing "less (i.e. I can't yet do NO) sugar, fewer carbs" for about a month.  (Loosely doing the "Belly Fat Cure" plan, although I'm not religious about counting anything.  Down 9 lbs!)

I'm pretty sure peanut butter pie is the #1 pie of choice for low-carb recipe modification aficionados.  Or maybe #2 behind cheesecake.   

Substitutions that won't bring about an OMG!SUGAR! coma, mucho appreciated.  We can do this! 



ps for my Fringe crowd. 


You're breaking my heart.
I love you.


  1. If you really want to make this low-carb, you're going to have to work for it. Good thing you're starting early.

    Low-carb pie crust--Add cocoa powder to this recipe:

    Low-carb peanut butter pudding:

    Low-carb caramel sauce: you have to order this.

    Low-carb peanut butter cups recipe:

    A lot of stores carry Land o'Lakes sugar-free whipped cream:

    I hope this helps! Good luck with the weight loss. I'm currently on my own journey but seem to be at a stand-still again. Maybe I need to add in exercise (sigh).

  2. Substitute real whipped cream for the cool whip. Unsweetened. The filling will be richer, but not as sweet.

  3. My theory is that on the last Thursday of November you pretty much just get to eat whatever the hell you want to.

    But that could just be me.

    I'm like that.

    As we know.

    I am SO GLAD I'm too lazy to look at (let alone make) this recipe. Technically, I think you should be arrested for pushing.

  4. Congrats on losing 9 lbs! I just started a low carb deal. Just make sure you don't ever get down to no carbs! Your brain can only use energy from sugar (ie carbs) and your body can't get that from fat deposits!

  5. My approach to food is low cal substitutes just don't taste as good as the real thing, and therefore, are not as satisfying. One way to make this pie low-carb is to make it small so that everyone only gets a little bit. You get the great taste without a carb overload and there won't be any tempting leftovers. I think you crave the wonderfulness of the real thing and would be disappointed by the substitutions.


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