Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nested: Bathroom

I was really inspired a couple of weeks ago by Dawn's bathroom redo.  I HATE my bathroom sink/console.  It's oak finish, it's standard "builder's grade".  It's just not me at all, but I've never been able to afford a replacement, so I just ignore it.  Mostly.

After seeing Dawn's refinished cabinet, it hit me that I could PAINT it.  What a concept!  I don't know why I didn't think of it before...I love paint.  So that's what I did yesterday!  I didn't go to the trouble of the 3-step process Dawn uses, simply because my bathroom had a pipe burst issue last year and the cabinet has some bubbling on the sides from water damage.  (I really do need a new one... but at least the sides don't really show!)  I went with straight up primer and paint.

The color is Blue River by Benjamin Moore.  Love love it.  I had plenty of it all over my legs by the time I was finished to admire it well into the evening. heh.  Waiting to replace the door and 2nd drawer until everything has cured for a while longer.

Trusty painter's stool. You get to practice your balancing skills while painting.  Bonus.

I went with a creamy ivory for all of the trim, "Latte Light" by Ace Hardware's Royal paints.

It is very, very light ivory.  Definitely a shade or two lighter  than my paint chip when dry, which is weird.  For paint I mean.  Once I get a window treatment up, it won't be so very...white.

I picked up a few new accessories too.  From Wal-mart and the Dollar General of all places!  I couldn't resist the little owl, he's so cute.  And I had completely forgotten Dawn had an owl too. Dawn, I'm copying you!

The floral print is a shower curtain, but I have a shower stall in that bathroom.  I'll be cutting it up to make my window treatment.  The colors were perfect, and even have the perfect shade of yellow.

You know the biggest issue I have with redecorating?  It's neverending!  Did I mention that before??  Now I want new towels.  Preferably these (Target, but selling out everywhere. Of course.)

And this rug, also Target: 

And then... baskets and a shelf and new trash container and...  See what I mean?  

Off to peruse Pinterest and Anthropologie while I eat my salad! 


  1. I can't WAIT to see it finished!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE your little owl guy, where did you find him? I have a real thing for ceramic animals right now. I might need help. I also love your blue and yellow colors. I might need a contrast color in my bathroom too. It's very purple right now. What do you think about some bright spring green up on the shelf or counter?

  2. Well darn it, now I am obsessed with replacing my bathroom rug, which I've been pretending is not an urgent priority. I can see a Target binge in my future...

    Love that blue, BTW. Look forward to seeing pics of the next phase.

  3. Ooo! Love those towels and rug! I gotta make a run to Target. The paint color is awesome, too!

  4. Wow, those are the same colors as my bathroom in my new house, except my cabinets are white and the walls are blue! Wish I had that Shower curtain.... Did you get it at Walmart?


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