Thursday, June 28, 2012


hammer time!  break it down...
Just a little Thorsday inspiration to take your mind off 
that pesky other thing going on (at least for my American compadres).

What.  You thought I was going to use that
shirtless pic again, didn't you.

oh all right.  so pushy.

I propose a new drinking game for the remainder of Thorsday. Your key words:

Justice Scalia
obamacare (what. that's too easy?)

I'll be drinking diet A&W.

Proceed with caution.


  1. I'd be on the floor already. And that's just with the diet rootbeer. good. lord.

    And seriously, I was GOING to say, "That shirted picture is just fine and dandy really" and then... well, I'd sort of forgotten about the shirtless one. (I might possibly take back my suggested growing apathy for Chris Hemsworth. Maybe.)

    1. Never mind his hammer, behold the power of his abs...

  2. i really hope the outcome of the other thing on america's mind is a GOOD thing. because you know i love me some obama. but i'm perplexed.

    as for thorsday. just how do we play this game? i believe, judging frot eh state of my martinti glass, i am already ahead.

    (i didn't spellcheck that last sentence just to show you how ahead i am. you're welcome.)


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