Monday, June 18, 2012


It's Monday!

I don't usually know what day it is in the summer, so I feel very accomplished already.

I spent the past several days spiffing things up around the house, mostly tabletops and shelves and walls.  Those paint fumes initiated a whole new level of nesting. 

First up, I made a gallery wall, easily the hardest thing I attempted.  The math alone made my eyes cross.  After I had the photos printed, I had to find frames.  Note to self: Next time find out what frame sizes are readily available first.

Isn't it awesome?  I was inspired by this blog, but no way I'll ever be able to afford all of those canvases.  Still, I did want something sleek that allowed the photos to take center stage.  I ultimately bought archive "Quick Frames" from Hobby Lobby.  They were inexpensive, had real glass, and are reasonably substantial (i.e. they don't look too "cheap").

All of these are my all-time favorite photos of my kiddos, I blubbed like a baby going through all of my photo CD's trying to choose.  OMG.  BUT... the two largest photos are my OF ALL TIME TIMES INFINITY all time favorite photos, and at 18x24 inches, I had to use poster frames.  Cheap and icky, but once they were on the wall with all the rest...they didn't bother me so much.  If I can find the quick frames in 18x24 size, then I'll buy two and replace them eventually.   

I also played with the spray paint.  Basically nothing is safe when I've got a new can of Krylon or Rustoleum.  This weekend, it was mustard (Krylon Bauhaus Gold) and jadeite (Krylon Avocado and Jade). Banner Red and Heirloom White are two other faves.   Dingy old clay pot with a new dried floral arrangement (pieced together from a dingy old dried floral arrangement):
I tore up an old silk hydrangea flower bush and dispersed the pieces around the place.  Some are in a glass bowl on the dresser in front of the gallery wall above.  The scraps I used for this cutie:

 The gravy boat was languishing in a cabinet.  Talk about necessity being the mother of invention.  This might be my favorite thing!

I had a "hole" on top of a surface that needed a photo or some art or something. Had this cute square frame I got in a gift bag at some point that was the right size, so I just slapped some cute scrapbook paper in it.  Instant art.

Other than the gallery wall frames and 2 cans of spray paint, all of the above was accomplished using things I already had.   I did purchase the green print rug (TJ Maxx), the black damask cushion (Gordman's) and hydrangea stems (Hobby Lobby clearance, $2 ea!), all seen below, to spiff up this little seating area.

Now I'm moving on to the bathroom.  Both of our bathrooms need serious updating, and unfortunately I'm about out of ingenuity and "have on hand" supplies.  Rats.  I did cut a piece of vintage feedsack to fit this square frame I already had hanging in my bath:

I think I'm going to paint the frame white though.  The black is just too stark.  LOVE the feedsack.  Not lovin the black frame. 

I still need to get my craft table arranged and I'll share pictures of it too, hopefully this week.  It's pretty sweet, I have to say.  SO. Much. Room.

Here's to a great new week!


  1. I hate you.

    No really, I can't believe how cute that came out!! Everything looks FABulous.

  2. It looks fabulous and stunning. I really need to pare down and make pretty in my house. The clutter is driving me crazy. Seriously. My hubby has collected shells for years - and they are placed across my horrible mantel - why can't they be in one place? See? g

  3. Your picture wall is so gorgeous...! I need to do something like this. Your kids are such cuties!

  4. The gallery wall is absolutely gorgeous!!


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