Sunday, September 02, 2012

Burda Style: 8/12 and 9/12

I'm a little behind giving my picks on Burda Style.  In fact, I'm way more than 2 months behind...but I haven't been that interested in their offerings the past few months.  The fall issues are usually my favorites, so I was pretty excited to get these in my mailbox.

Unfortunately they don't rank up there with issues I will reuse and treasure.  Several garments are just repeats of things we've seen over and over.  I hate that.  And I'm not one of those who usually "disses" Burda Style.  I expect not to love every issue, or for every issue to have something I just "have" to make.  What usually happens is someone ELSE loves something and inspires me to see the contents in a whole new light.

I'm hoping that's what happens with these two issues.  So let's get started with my picks from August (my favorite of the two).

My very favorite garment, the one I want to MAKE RIGHT NOW, is dress #102:

Gorgeous, retro, very 1940s in feel.  Love love love it.  Worth the issue price alone.

Next, a true basic tee/top pattern with darts.  Not that easy to come by!  There are also back darts for shaping.  Top #109:

 The peplum is back, apparently. Which is good for me, I love peplums.  I remember being sad when they went out of favor in the late 80s/early 90s.  This is a beautiful, simple top and the issue has a simple skirt to match.  Peplum top #113:

Another basic, this classic silhouette with circular skirt is lovely and the style is timeless.  Dress #115:

Something BS excels at is seaming and pushing the darts/seams boundaries.  Sometimes it works, sometime sit doesn't.  I think it works here.  Dress #120:

Lastly from the August issue, another classic silhouette.  We've seen this dress before, with maybe minor differences in darts and neckline.  I still like it.  Dress #133:

Everything else in the August issue is either a complete rehash of something I like as well or better in a previous issue, or it didn't blip my radar. 

Moving onto September...less for me to like here.  In fact, I struggled to find something to feature.  I've been putting this post off because of it.  Literally, my previous September BS issues are falling apart. The covers are ragged, the patterns are all traced, the mags are worn and a bit tatty.  Oh well..there's always October right?

Let's start again with my favorite of the issue, perhaps an odd pick for me, the roll neck tee #106:

I love this very 1960s mod style of neckline, and I love the interesting dart/shaping.  Great fall/winter basic that's not "too" basic.

Next, a pretty blouse with a tie and an off-center placket.  Nice twist.  Top #118

In the interesting seams sheath dress category (it's obligatory now, right?) is dress #134:

I enjoy the seaming, probably won't ever make it, unless I could get my hands on the fabulous fabric they used for the magazine dress.  Beautiful. 

Something I almost never make these days, a feminine almost "English riding" jacket from the plus section, no less.  Gorge.  Jacket #137:

 And our honorable mention for September has to be this dress, a '10's does '70s does '40s shirtdress.  Another classic, but featured in a truly heinous color of brown that does this dress no favors.  A darling tiny print in a dark saturated color would be lovely though.  Dress #114:

And that's it for me folks.  I either don't love the rest of September enough or I'm so sick of the silhouette I can't be bothered to care enough to save the images. 

That being said...I believe I will drag out my September '11 issue because there's at least one top in there I would love to make, and a slinky knit waiting to be made up into it. 

Yes.  I'm sewing.  Booyah!

ps...Kristine, stop laughing. 


  1. well I sort of love that roll-neck sweater/top from September. Not that I could wear it. But I love it. The asymmetrical blouse is cute too. And the "riding jacket" is sweet. If you can do that romantic look. Which... I can't.


    (I say once you're ready, go for that first dress. that is SO. YOU.)

  2. Really???? No, 130? I know the drapey-neck thing has been done but it's so GOOD for so many people!!! And I LOVE #121!! I don't understand #124 (a Duro dress?) since we were doing that years ago everywhere! And I love anything cowl-necky (#104)! I totally agree with you on the shaped-darts blouse/dress and #134 (love that!).


    Oh yea, those are all from September.


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