Sunday, September 09, 2012


I saw that mojo-coined term on the Pincushion Treats blog. She's so cute. I'm practically salivating over her recent Ava blouse too.

Anywho, I'm feeling a bit of return on my own sew-jo I think.  Especially with fall looming closer and closer.  Of course most of the things I'm going to share with you today are all summery.  Such is my life, right?

In the same vein as Pincushion Treats' Ava blouse, I'm in love with lacy insets and details right now.  IN LOVE.  Like this gorge Zara blouse with lace bow inset:

I think I could use my Sorbetto pattern to knock this off.  It would require a cami of some sort, but Lord, it's pretty. 

It reminds me of this Sencha by Colette Patterns

 Have I ever mentioned how much I love red and blue together?  Speaking of Sencha's, this is another beautiful example of yoke detailing from the Colette blog:

I'm never sure how practical all of that openwork is, since I would have bra straps and cami straps showing, but it sure is pretty. 

I'm in total and complete love with this top too, although I've had the devil of a time trying to track down the original source image.  The source link below is as close as it gets I think. Gorgeous Edwardian-inspired white lawn and lace:

I'll take two, please. On the same blog I found this lovely creation too:

I think you could use the Colette Jasmine and knock this one off fairly easily (and have sleeves!)  The little jabot and applique are such sweet details. Love.

And then there's this amazing top of tucks and lace. Those are angels singing, btw.


The lacework would take a bit of finagling, but note that it's all essentially straight seams.  Totally knockoff-able.

So that's my weekend in a nutshell...finally breaking out the warm fuzzy socks and dreaming about lawn and linen and lace.  

It's a quandary.  

But a good one.


  1. I'm sooooo ready for fall and fall fashions! I have two new dresses and a new sweater just waiting for the weather to cool off so I can wear them! :)

  2. Oh wow, those tops are gorgeous. I bet they would look stellar even if you had cami straps showing. You have great inspiration to work from!

  3. I've had a silk and lace top for years (Zara, via eBay) that is sooo similar to your Zara number at the top of your post! I keep looking at it and thinking 'I could make you'! It's navy silk with pin tucks, a much lower v neck than the one above, small modesty panel and large lace 'collars' inset down each side of the v. It looks very 20s in influence. If you want a pic for more inspiration I can happily send one!

    1. Ooh yes Debbie, thank you! I'd love one! My email is linked at the top of the blog on the right. :)

  4. Anonymous3:45 PM

    I was looking an idea of what to sew. This post gave me several ideas. I love the inset lace. Thank you!


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