Thursday, September 13, 2012


*brief pause for a fangirly moment*

So this happened.

And finally, three and a half years later, I feel a little bit of closure and can let go of my grudge regarding the finale of BSG. 

If you've been with me that long, you know how I adored my BSG.  And I have never, ever, rewatched the final season. The finale ticked me off that bad.  Not that the entirety of it was bad, in fact one of my favorite moments of the whole series occurs in the last 30 minutes ("moonrise").

The last 20 minutes ruined me. 

But the conversational thoughts above, what they were thinking, how they interpreted the scenes and the relationship, make me feel very warm and fuzzy and forgiving.  I actually agree with them, especially Katee.  (*cough* my giant girlcrush notwithstanding *cough*).

My babies.

I think I might need to purchase Season 4 now.  All this time I've been pretending it ended at the end of Season 3.  With a self-created bright shiny future epilogue in my head.

Which might still exist.  Warm fuzzies or no.

/fangirly  moment.


  1. the finale gets better when you watch the entire shebang the secind time through. i'll let you know if that changes the third go around...

  2. OK, I've never heard Jamie Bamber's accent before! Crazy!

    I was pretty satisfied with the ending; I think BSG was strongest and most amazing in earlier seasons but I didn't have that I HATE IT reaction that I heard from a lot of people. I still am willing to put this show up there among my very favorites ever.

  3. -ahem-

    I only watched about half of this series in bits and pieces.

    although I did watch the last half of the last season.

    and the last 20 minutes were horrifying.

    (it totally destroyed my previous intentions of going back and watching the entire series from the beginning. I might have to take Oona's word on it and give it a try.)


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