Saturday, November 03, 2007

Flea Market & Fantasy

My recent loot from the flea market included all of my favorite things! A sweet little platter in "that pink" old jar crammed full of buttons...and my favorite color combo (baby blue & red) in vintage feed sacks!!

My jar of buttons doesn't look like much on the outside, but I spot a twinkly rhinestone button in there, and at least a few vintage Czech glass buttons! Seeing as I only paid $5 for the whole jar, I'm thinkin it was a steal!

In sewing news...I'm working on an ensemble for Lu to wear to the Centennial celebration at her school. She's a greeter & will be passing out programs, then will perform with her class. She's pretty excited about it. Of course I only find this out on Thursday and the program is NEXT WEEK!!!

While I had my heart set on a dupioni silk smocked beauty from AS&E, I settled for a hand-drafted pattern I designed with a very vintage feel (and I do mean very! I'm talking Renaissance here! Altho, no, her school is not that old.)

I thought a period piece (with bite) might be a nice way to burn off some of my excess creative energy right now. This outfit will be so far away from what I normally do, it's almost a costume. But that's fine because I think individually the pieces will stand alone.

I searched Renaissance & medieval gowns, and I really like the feel of this (with less shoulder of course!)

and this one, which has a Christmas-y feel:

And really, how completely lovely is this...
All gown are from the Very Merry Seamstress. Her website is chock full of beautiful, custom gowns. If you're a Renaissance Faire definitely need to see her site.

So I'm shooting for separates (skirt, peasant top & corset-y overtop) that will work separately wtih other pieces for maximum use. I'd like all of them to be age appropriate too, of course. If I find success (and probably even if I don't) I'll post pics!

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