Friday, November 23, 2007

Gingerbread Tee

I whipped up this cute little tee for Lu this afternoon:

The ribbon accents weren't intentional. They were to cover up these:

HOLES!! I guess I had the tee pinched in the embroidery hoop, and this is where I screwed it in really snug. The sewing gremlin is going back and forth from my house to Shannon's and back to mine.

I kinda like the ribbons in the end, though. I used Steam a Seam to fuse them in place, and then straight stitched them to the tee. The gingerbread girl's bow is a removable pin for laundering.

You can find the adorable gingerbread applique machine embroidery design at Sewing For Sarah. It's a free download!

Happy Stitching!


  1. I like the ribbon! It looks planned. Are you planning a cute skirt or something to go with this?
    Oh, and send those sewing gremlins somewhere else. They showed up here again this afternoon and they seem to have some kind of crazy thing going on with my serger!

    Shannon F

  2. We're quite a pair then, aren't we??!!

    I have some Christmas fat quarters I was going to make a twirl with. None of them have gingerbread on them though, haha. But they're darker "country" Christmas colors so I think they'll work. Of course she hasn't taken it off since I finished it, so it will probably be stained & ruined before I get the skirt finished!

    Man I shoulda just emailed this.

  3. Very cute t-shirt, love the ribbon. I agree it looks just like you planned it.


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