Thursday, November 08, 2007


The football team from my kids' school & the team from the school where I teach (different states) reached the playoffs this season. (Football's B-I-G here.)

In an odd coincidence, they will both be on the road, and they will both play against wealthy private schools tomorrow night.

But I have a soft spot for my alma mater (the kids' school) and the scrappy way those boys fight to the very end of the season to make the playoffs every year.

Sometime late tomorrow afternoon they will travel via rundown yellow school buses to a gated campus surrounded by million dollar homes. A campus with a $60 million auditorium & private music rooms. Eight tennis courts. Every advantage you could want or imagine for your child.

Our boys are from a poor farming community. There are no navy blazers here. There are no tennis courts or swimming pools. Our stadium hit the quarter of a century-old mark at least a decade ago. The city swimming pool was closed in the early 1990s, and the gymnasium is exactly the same as it was when my parents (now in their 60s) were in high school.

It makes you wonder...just what makes a winner?

God bless them all. The priveleged and the poor, the entitled and the determined.

And good hunting, boys.

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  1. Well??? How did they do?? Our team missed the playoffs this year. They were very close but fell apart after some really bad calls. Next year.


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