Friday, November 23, 2007


I am thankful for a lot of things in children whom I adore, my parents & siblings who always make me laugh (even when I want to choke them), my job (which is trying but has those tiny moments of joy that keep you going), my friends...

And I am especially grateful for all of the friends I have made in this wonderful world called the internet.

This Christmas season is the 10th year I've been single. Most of you know that I'm divorced, but none of you know that my ex-husband left me, my toddler son & baby girl a week before Christmas, ten years ago this December. For a few years, I dreaded Christmas. It's not an easy holiday to spend alone.

Christmas is my favorite holiday, and I love everything about it. The tree, the music, buying and making special gifts, the baking, the old movies. I love it. So it didn't take me long to get over the dread.

But it is a lonely time of year for a single person. The kids & I go and do lots of things during the season where we're surrounded by family "units". I've never let my fear of being the only single mom in the crowd stop us from enjoying all of the fun and splendor of the season. (Or for that matter, hopping on a plane and flying to some unknown city for a week. Yes, I'm terrified when I do it, but I keep doing it because if I don'thow would we ever go anywhere??)

Many people ask why I never remarried. My kids were very small when I divorced, and frankly I had my hands full. After a few years, I went back to college to get my teaching degree. And the years just sort of....passed.

In all honesty, I live in a small rural community whose population is aging. The church we attend is filled with families and the elderly... and all of my friends are married. Around here, the only place singles have to go is the local tavern. Not exactly where you'd like to meet the man of your dreams. Or even a pizza sharing partner. Besides, I'm not as cute as I was a decade ago.

So single I remain.

Today as the holiday season officially begins, I am especially thankful for all of you. For making me laugh and keeping me sane, and for letting me share a little bit in your lives. And for that I am really grateful.


  1. "Besides, I'm not as cute as I was a decade ago."

    Cute is as cute does.

    If I wasn't already married, I think I'd propose to you. Who needs men anyway!! :winkgrin:

  2. LOL Debbie! I'd say yes ;)

    (And my mom has been preaching "pretty is as pretty does" my WHOLE life!)

  3. Ditto to Debbie "cute is as cute does". And you know, in another decade you're going to look back and realize how *hot* you look today! My first husband left us when the kids were one and two and I didn't remarry for a long time...for many reasons, but like you the time just kind of passed by. And yes, the holidays can be hard when it seems like everyone else is a couple, but look at all of the fantastic memories you're creating with your kids.

  4. :) it sounds like you have your act together! and you can sew! hey! June Cleaver never had time to sew because she was either feather dusting, cooking or catering to Mr. Cleaver! take care and enjoy the holidays. BTW..the gingerbread shirt is so adorable! I'll have to make something cute for Miss Lauren. Thank you for the inspiration!

  5. Well, I am very grateful for you and your endless inspiration. Remember, I used two of your projects, the tutu for myself and the Christmas fabric skirt. I will send a picture of my big girl tutu as soon as I learn how to do same on the blog.

    Do you know what I feel when I read this, what a strong, loving,incredibly brave woman and I wish you lived next door. I respect you and so will the right person in the right time.


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