Sunday, November 18, 2007

Tickled Pink Again...

Here it is all finished! Well, except for hem...which isn't finished because I can't decide about whether to add a hem ruffle or not. The sleeve hem ruffle is pretty cute, but I think the hem ruffle might be "too much". At least for Lu.

As you can see (I hope), Temily is a basic peasant top, with a panel for smocking on the front. I piped the panel here with pink microcheck that matched the pink in the print.

I had some problems with the sizing. AS&E tends to run "large" anyway, so I should have only sized up 1 size. That would have been perfect. I ended up taking out about 6 inches total from the width (3 on each side at the hem tapering to nothing at the armseye).

What I'll do next time is use a peasant top I have already fit to Lu and then adjust the front for the smocked panel. And I DO want to do another one! It went together so fast! Next time I think I'll also add ribbon or self-fabric ties to the seams at the smocking panel, to tie in the back like a sash.

It looks pretty dang cute on her too, but she's busy watching a Barbie movie and refuses to model. Diva.


  1. This is adorable! I love the sash idea.

    Shannon F

  2. I think it is crying out for a ruffle hem.

  3. Neefer, I think it is too now that it has "hung" on that door for a couple of days! Think I'll add the ruffle tonight!

  4. Anonymous1:11 PM

    It is gorgeous - I love the fabric.

  5. so cute!!! I love the photos you have on your indie page! Your stuff is so cute! I cracked up when I read that your diva wouldn't pose because she was busy watching Barbie. Mine too!!! I actually have a post from September saying almost the exact thing!! Too funny!

  6. this is breathtakingly beautiful! Those bullion roses and the crystals... Gorgeous


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