Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Birthday!

to the G-Man!

On a cold winter night 14 years ago, at 9:13 p.m., I first met the most amazing person. His serious little face, all calm and content, looked up at me... and my heart was never my own again.

People stood outside the nursery window to stare at this most handsome baby, exclaiming at his angel face.

At 12 hours old, those big, beautiful eyes turned a rich, chocolatey brown.

At 4 weeks old, a woman in Wal-Mart offered me $10,000 cash for him.

Lady, you weren't even in the ballpark.

Happy Birthday, boy of mine!


  1. Happy Birthday to the ten thousand dollar PLUS man! What a handsome son! Are you fighting off all the girls?
    Hugs, Heidi

  2. Happy Birthday to your son, a very handsome young man. My twins were 14 last week.

  3. what a handsome young man! i still have 1.5 years before my oldest is 14. with the lovely evening we had tonight, i'm not sure he'll make it that long. >:|

  4. Anonymous10:13 PM

    he was the most beautiful baby boy i had ever seen!! you are right. 10K is not even close. :-)s

  5. Happy Birthday G-Man. Happy Birthing day mom.

    I can't believe someone actually offered you $10,000 for him.

  6. You have the most beautiful children ... Happy bday gman!

  7. Yikes! That woman really offer you money for your child? That's scary. Was she joking or was she serious?

    Anyway, I wish your little angel a very happy birthday. He's very handsome, you must be very proud. :):):):)


  8. I hope he continues to make you happy you turned down the offer, LOL! I didn't know we both had 14 yo boys.

  9. Happy Birthday to your boy!



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