Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I've been in a state of non-creative blah-ness since all the Christmas giftiness ended. That always happens after the frenzy of crafting. We can blame Shannon for this new bout of stitchery! We are doing a bit of a sewalong (Normally we agree on a project and then she stitches up the whole damn thing while I am still in the thinking about it stage, hopefully to follow along at some point. You know, one of those kind of sewalongs I do so well at.)

Except HA! Not this time Shannon! I actually SEWED A LONG! Here's a peek of what I got done today:

We're doing a quilt-along. See, I only really know one other person as enamored of quilt fabrics and mix/matching prints as me, and that's Shannon. And since my girl Lu won't let me sew much for her from those fabrics any longer, it was really only a matter of time until the quilting bug bit me! Lucky for me, Shannon & I are two halves of the same nut because we both decided we were ready to try quilting (again) at the same time. (We do this alot, btw.)

We're using this super easy pattern from a couple of other blogs that we're calling "Flea Market Fancy" because, well, that's what those other blogs called it. You can find the directions & measurements here: Crazy Mom Quilts

I'm using a lot of my favorite prints in this one, ones I call "juicy color"prints. I've got two basic colorways going, pinks & blues. But in yummy hot pinks & lilacs and turquoise & seafoams. Today I finished piecing the 10 "blues" blocks.

Don't they look like a pile of candy lying there on the floor? Since most quilting bloggers name their quilts, I've just got to jump on that parade. I've been calling this one Candy Dish. Because it's YUMMY.

Can you see all my favorites popping up in there? Some Amy Butler, and Sis Boom, and Heather Bailey...and assorted other prints from stash. I should have waited two days and I could have used this yardage in the stash contest over at PR. Whoops.

Other than piecing 10 blocks (and yes, Shannon already has her 20 blocks pieced & sashed. But who's counting.) I watched 6 of these:

(ooh, hungry zombie Shannon, are you watching?? Holy cow on the Gaeta-ness.)

And 5 of these:

And did 3 of these:And had 2 of these:And sucked on about a hundred of these:

And now I'm going to have some of this & veg some more in front of the tv:


  1. I want to watch those webisodes, but the Sci Fi channel in its infinite wisdom does not allow Canadians to view video on their site. The stinking b@5t@trd5!

    Why, oh why, are they torturing me? January 6th? I want regular BSG back - I neeeeed my Lee Adama fix!!!

  2. Cannot wait to see the finished quilt - I love those fabrics!

  3. Every time I see a reference to Battlestar Galactica, it takes me back to 1979 and 1980 (or thereabouts) when it was a TV series. I was terribly bummed when it was cancelled, and I had a big crush on, was it Richard Hatch? Didn't he play Apollo?

  4. Love the quilt blocks... And I heart Burn Notice!! I can't wait until new episodes start up again : )

  5. LOVE the blocks and the name! Candy Dish- it fits!

    Shannon F

  6. Whatever way you look at it, it's sewing, and it counts! I have a bag of nearly finished blocks waiting to be stitched together... probably started about 10 years ago. Maybe that should be one of my resolutions!

  7. yes, those pieces look like eye candy....bet they taste better than a cinnamon roll! which is all we have here... :)
    happy '09! hugs, heidi

  8. Part of me wants to make a quilt and part of me doubts I can do it. Your eye candy is inspiring me.

  9. I've enjoyed catching up on your Christmas and post-Christmas activities. I'm so impressed with the table runner (wow--stipple quilting--), doll :D, and Candy dish. I love how fruitful you are! And yes--you and Shannon are the best at fabric mix/matching!!

  10. oh we love burn notice at our house! new season starts june 4th, i think i saw =)

    i'm getting back into sewing, mainly i've been sewing for my son but want to sew some stuff for me. i'm a big girl tho and have some qualms about that. any tips for plus sizes? i have a couple easy shirt patterns picked out and think i have some stash fabric ready. love your blog and how it inspires me.


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