Thursday, December 11, 2008


Today in the life of Ms. A (or Hey Lady, as one is fond of calling me)...

Characters & Setting: Me, Boy Student to my right, Girl Student to my left.

Girl Student: "Here Ms. A, check my letterhead and see if it's good." Hands me a letterhead with a transparent image of hanging Christmas ornaments in the lower half of the page.

Me (checking the printout carefully): "But you cut your balls off."

Girl Student: Bites lip.

Boy Student: Freezes.

Me: Tries not to make eye contact.

We: Look at each other and laugh til we cry.

It was a good day.


  1. that is way too funny! it was a good day. g

  2. Ah yes, foot in the mouth disease. Been there...

    One day when my students were working on a molecular modeling assignment using a kit. A student approached me to say that he had run out of the blue spheres representing nitrogen. As any good teacher would do, I immediately try to remedy the situation by yelling out to the class, "Who has blue balls? I need someone with blue balls!" Needless to say, the entire room froze (for what seemed like an eternity) and then all the boys started laughing uproariously.

  3. I called the Oval Office the Oral Office during the whole Clinton/Lewinsky thing. Oops. Of course, it's the only time they were all actually listening.

    Shannon's comment cracks me up.

  4. That is hysterical!


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