Monday, December 01, 2008

the list

I haven't made a Christmas List in a hundred years. Ok, maybe 20, but still. It's been a while. On the drive home today, to amuse myself, I started composing. It was kinda tough. Not that I want so was more of letting go of the "you don't need that" or "that's impossible" and embracing the "I would really love..."

Simple or complex, luxurious or inexpensive, improbable or full of's my List.

A new windshield. Darn chicken trucks.

A coverstitch machine. Le sigh.
Viking Designer SE. I covet.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer complete boxed set. LOVE!

I-pod touch (because I'm obviously not spacey and lost in my own world enough already)

Five nights in Bermuda.

Smoking hot brown leather boots.

Nikon D60. Please, Santa, Please!!

Pink roses for no reason at all.
One more hour with an old friend.

One more day when they were small...

What are your fondest desires & secret Christmas wishes? Come on, spill. I won't tell anyone but Santa.


  1. The iTouch I would really like, the stock market to rebound and I would take a day when my kids were little again. It goes so quickly.

  2. Oh what a nice post! I hope you get them all (though one is impossible). I often say to my daughters that I would love to have them small again, but with their grown up selves there too to enjoy them with me...sigh

  3. Even though I have a little one now, to go back to the days each were born. I guess, with the meds making everything kinda hazy, as time passes, I have forgotten some of the details. Oh, and the ability to sew uninterrupted for a day at a time.

  4. Great list. I loved my kids when they were little but I'd never give up the lively interaction I have with them now. I guess I'm content with the memories.

  5. Your list is wonderful!

    Let's see … my list …
    1. Young children I could take to Disney World. My own child is 19 now, and I miss young children.

    2. New Bernina serger

    3. The end of this recession

  6. My list:
    I would love to have my son little for another day!!!
    and the economy to recover... to get closer to God...
    to go back to Bouqute, Panama and stay!

    Good Luck with your list!!!

  7. Anyone who would like to have a day to remember their little ones, I would like a free day to sew-mine are 9, 7, 3, and 1. (LOL!!) Okay, that and a fabric shopping spree!

  8. ohhh ... what sweet pictures of your little ones. It goes by so fast doesn't it.

  9. Okay. Let's see...I did get myself a Coverstitch machine so that's off the list. Well, sort of. $424 including tax and now it's down to $324 (layaway).

    I'd really like a trip to Hawaii, have my kids all spend a week at Grandma and Grandpa's house (all at the same time!), a box of Cella cherries (that's an easy one :) ), and a revamped sewing room with one long table for all my machines with storage cabinets galore. I'll have to pass on the little kid thing. I barely remember having 4 kids 7 and under. I spent much of the 90's in a bleary-eyed blur.


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