Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Well...we're definitely still at the muslin stage with Simplicity 3684.

I always naively start a project thinking "this is the one that will fit me --mostly-- out of the envelope! the holy grail!" It almost never happens. Didn't happen this time either! But, it has promise. Here are some pics on Edith. (It's not even a wearable muslin for her, poor old busty girl.)

I only put one sleeve in. When I got to that point in construction, I had already tried it on and realized the CF at bust level was never going to button. Phooey. But I put the sleeve in so I could see how other fit issues were affected. Here's a front view (ignore that weird fold. Didn't smooth it out before photoging)

Looks cute, right? Except on closer inspection you notice that we definitely need more width in the CF! Just at bust level and a little below though, the hem meets fine. Mind you Edith is about 1" smaller than me in the bust too! I added color to outline the plackets since they are impossible to see in this busy fabric:

More wonkiness...odd "extra" bit of fabric around the armscye (even a bit when the sleeve is inset, although that helps). There seems to be a bit under the arm too. That's the least of my worries though! The darts are way high. Edith is quite perky and the dart needs to be lowered at least 1" for her (and a bit more for moi. Ahem.)

The good...Super cute sleeve. The notches didn't match though. Weird. I'm hoping it was a cutting or marking error, although I don't really think it was. I think they just don't match up very well. The sleeve still eased into place very easily. In fact, all the pieces went together precision perfect. That's another plus!

Edith & I both need a bit of swayback adjustment. Which I don't normally make (I've never done that one in fact & will have to look it up!) Mine is worse than hers, but you can even see the beginnings of an issue below on the dressform. Weird.

So, we're still at the working out the kinks stage. I'm in no hurry. I don't think there are major tweaks to be done. I will probably start by looking up the swayback thing. Then I'm going to add at the side seams. I'll start with width issues and then see where we're at.

Shannon & I are having a bit of a sewalong...except she's already done a muslin and is cutting into the real stuff and I'm still tracing. I think that might make it more of a sewbehind?

We're making this dress #120 from the October '08 BWOF:

Ya, we know that line drawing really sucks toads. So here's a better picture, a fashion photo:

Pretty cute, no? Shannon's got a whoa-mamma leopard red swirly print rayon poly thingie. I'm still stash diving.


  1. I can't help you with anything bust related. Tee hee. I could help you with "flat-as-a-board" adjustments if you ever need those. I do a sway back adjustment on all pants and skirts. I've never done it on a top like that but I havn't made many woven tops lately. There are a ton links at PR about it though. Good luck!!! I like that dress too but haven't made it. I think I would have to put a tie around the empire waist so that it has a defined waist.

  2. That is going to look great. I always trace my regular patterns, so I really should try one of my Burda magazines for a project.

  3. I like that Burda, but, I don't see how the line drawing and the photo are the same, did they amend it or alter it? Maybe there are some bulldog clips holding it in the back? It is cute either way, post it please.

  4. You've made good progress on your cute blouse. As Dawn stated, there are tons of tutorials on PR. I think I have also included some tips on FBA and swayback adjustments on some of my reviews.

    Good luck and Happy sewing!


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