Monday, August 31, 2009


is stunning.

It's from J Peterman and $229. So probably not in my current budget. But oh, how I lust. Pondering its recreation, I remembered this BWOF top from last fall:

Not exactly it, but a possible starting point. A true vintage pattern may be a better starting point, but my stash of vintage is 1940s, and this dress has a very 30's feel. I'm actually curious if I could self draft this, based off of a combo of peasant top and button front top patterns.

I have this pattern from Children's Corner from when Lu was small:

Note that it's a round yoke (albeit much shallower than the dress above) with gathered sleeve/bodice. I think the yoke/gathered bodice concept for the dress (in my size of course) would be the same. The yoke itself should be easy enough to draft off of a well fitting woven shirt.

In theory, that is.

My other option is to look at a true vintage pattern. If only I could get my hands on this one, a 1930s Butterick #6432. It's sold though (on But wow, its close.

Hmmm. I'll keep you posted if I come up with anything better.

I'm considering the wardrobe contest over at PR. I know some of you are too! The only thing holding me back (it's a long contest, 3 months!) is the fact that once I finalize a plan I typically lose all interest in working on it. So we'll just have to see if I can make one and stick to it. Seeing as I just got my mojo kickstarted, I'm sorta loathe to jinx it now!

But be on the lookout for a potential storyboard this week anyway!


  1. That is a beautiful dress. Maybe if you keep searching you will find that vintage pattern. Good luck!

  2. Love your inspiration dress and hope you find the pattern you are searching for. Hmmm..., I've thought about entering the contest too. You're right 3 months is a looonnng time. lol

  3. Gorgeous dress, I have faith that you can figure it out and make it great! No wardrobe contests for me, my head is spinning with the thought of school starting next week, completing my Chanel jacket, and diving into the fabulous fabrics I bought in NYC this week!!!

  4. Trick your mojo by not making a plan and then -- WHAM! Your mojo won't know what hit it. Of course, it may be hard to make something that coordinates without the actual plan. But whatev . . .

  5. How about starting with that top that Debbie Cook has been making to death? It has that rounded yoke and small sleeves.

    that is one stunning dress - I would like the pattern made to fit me please. g

  6. It IS a stunning dress - and you're right - that sold out vintage pattern is so close - especially the way the yoke is designed... Good luck!


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