Wednesday, December 23, 2009


No, not at your presents! Rather, I sewed today, with my vintage turquoise & lime floral linen that I got last week! No sense in letting it languish in the fabric closet. After all, its been languishing under some Nana's bed for 4 decades.

I chose the circle skirt from the Sew What Skirts book, but didn't have quite enough fabric for that, so a half-circle skirt was deemed good enough by Fat Kitty (the only person at home to give an opinion.)

I LOVE this book. I would marry this book if it was taller than me and had a good enough job that I could stay home and sew and write snark all day.

While I cut & sewed up my screamingly cute vintage linen skirt, I watched this with Doris Day & Rock Hudson. Because is there any better inspiration than Doris Day in a wiggle dress??

I ran into a tiny snag at the home stretch when I tried it on (Oops. That should probably come near the beginning, huh?) and the silly thing was already the perfect length UNHEMMED. In a stroke of genius I busted out the pale chartreuse FOE (fold over elastic).

It wouldn't be my first choice for a hem, but it actually worked surprisingly well for a circle skirt.

Next, just gotta handsew that waistband facing down.

Fat Kitty tired out way before we got to this part.

Pictures of me in amazing vintage linen skirt forthcoming. When Fat Kitty wakes up and finishes the waistband.

And it's Christmas Eve Eve!! Just two sleeps til Santa!

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I traditionally spend this day & evening alone, as my children go to their dad's. It makes for a lonely day, but the payoff is I get to have them on Christmas Day. I don't think there are many others out there like me, who will be alone tomorrow, but just in case you will be...I'll be thinking happy thoughts and saying a prayer for those who find themselves without family and loved ones at Christmas.

I wish you all safe travels if you are on the road this week. And may you have a very blessed and merry Christmas!


  1. Fabulous skirt and I love the use of FOE for the hem.

    I'm sorry you have to be alone on Christmas Eve - but always having the kids on Christmas morning is worth it. You can finish wrapping in peace and watch all the Christmas movies you want. :) g

  2. I'm anxious to see your finished skirt. I have never looked at the skirt book, but guess I better take a lot at it now. Since you're alone on Christmas Eve, do something marvelous for yourself. Order out some great food and have your favorite drink while watching old, gooey movies and looking at sewing books. Maybe even order something for yourself. And have a terrific Christmas Day with your children.

  3. BTW, I noticed your TSO blip at the bottom of your blog. I LOVE TSO. I'm going to their concert the 27th. Our family goes every year. It's not Christmas to us without TSO. This year, we are taking my daughter's 15 year old babysitter. She's never been to any concert, so I'm sure she will have the time of her life!

  4. The fabric looks so pretty, I'm anxious to see your skirt.

    Have a wonderful Christmas day with your family!

  5. Sounds like a really fun day, I love that you had an old movie on to set the mood! Can't wait to see you in the skirt, and hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!!

  6. Oh, I am a huuuuuge fan of that book, and I cannot wait to see your skirt. I hope you have a happy (if quiet) day ahead of you with some lovely "you" time. Merry Christmas!

  7. Merry Christmas! I am looking forward to seeing you in your new vintage skirt!

  8. The skirt looks Super cute!

    Bummer about no kids on Xmas Eve, but the trade off is pretty darn good! Have a safe and happy holiday and I hope that Santa dude coughs up the good stuff! :)

  9. Angie,

    Thank you for your friendship,amazing wit,and great style. To you and yours have a Winter Wonderland of Joy !


  10. The skirt looks really cute so far! Can't wait to see all of it. Merry Christmas!

  11. I was going to write about merriness and pamepering time and good cheer and stuff, but instead I'll just leave you with the verification of the day:


    If that isn't a fabulous Christmas cocktail (with a maraschino cherry), then I don't know what is!

    So have a maraupto on me, girlie!

    Oooo, and did you get snow? We got TEN INCHES! Holy moly!


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