Sunday, June 06, 2010

do you spoonflower?

I wish I did! If you're not familiar with Spoonflower, it's an online fabric printing website. You design a fabric, they print it up for you in a variety of fabric contents/weights. Cotton lawn, cotton/linen blend, quilting weight... It's all there.

It's also pretty pricey. But I guess for custom printed fabric, it would almost have to be.

Here are a few price/fabric combos:
100% cotton quilting weight: $18.00/yd
Organic cotton sateen: $27.00/yd
Organic cotton knit: $27.00/yd
Cotton lawn: $24.00/yd
Fat Quarters are available too, but the cheapest one is $10, so still expensive. (If you designed the fabric though, you get a 10% discount from your own order.)

The best part is perusing all the great (and sometimes awful) fabric prints! You can find really cool "why isn't this a real fabric line's print" prints:

But it's almost more fun finding the crazy prints! Need a vintage dress print fabric for that vintage dress you're making?

Eyesight failing? (Inside joke that some of you will get, but I think I need a skirt from this one!)

Reupholstering a chair?

Mustache party. Heh.

Shirt for your favorite little (or big) scientist?

A guacomole dress:

But the one that is almost cute enough to make me spend $48 for 2 yards of cotton lawn... Tiny Mushrooms.

Can't you just see this top in tiny mushroom fabric?? Arrrghhh!!!

Burdastyle JJ top pattern (a free download here!)

In Patricia Tunic news...I haven't touched it since Monday. I haven't touched anything sewing related since then! I'm tired and ready for school to be out (I have 3 more days!) I'm hoping to work on it today though, I'm so close to finished! Hope you're all having a great weekend!


  1. I love the glasses and the science one!!! Cute, cute, cute!

  2. That mushroom print is adorable - but $48 for 2 yards - ouch! I do know people who've spent more than per yard for fabric -but I'm not one of them. g

  3. That eyeglass frames fabric is awesome! Doing my best to stay away from Spoonflower and any idea of designing my own fabric. So tempting, but not quite a top choice for what to do with my time and money. So far. This could change.

  4. Oh my, you are devilish to post this. I can't get enough.

  5. I have an account at Spoonflower and I do check their site often and have played around (a lot :) making my own fabric design, but never went as far as ordering any.

  6. I love spoonflower, and the moustache fabric cracks me up!

  7. Right before Spoonflower announced their beta testing, I had been trying to talk my boss into starting a custom-printed fabric business (we already have a plotter that will do that). He was somewhat shortsighted on the issue. Unfortuantely, now if I want to do my own fabric, I have to buy a whole roll of whatever it is (although I could totally use a whole bolt of, for instance, lawn). Plus a steamer for, you know, a thousand bucks.

    So depressingly close, and yet so far. I guess I will have to use Spoonflower if I want to print my own fabric. I've been too lazy to try it (well, plus $50 for a few yards is unweildy at best).

    Not sure about the tiny mushrooms actually, they always remind me of my childhood, but in a sort of weirdish way (remember in the early 70's when EVERYthing had mushrooms on it? Huh. Maybe you don't. How old are you again?)

    Let's see, what else can I write about MYSELF on your comments? I'm trying to make this the Longest Ever Blog Comment (With Selfish Content).

    Oh yeah, I remember now. Daniel Craig loves me.

    Just saying.

    Word ver is "fumma". Which is what you're doing right now as the realization that Daniel Craig does, in fact, love me more than he loves you. You are fumma-ing.

  8. What a fun find! I might have to have some of the "glasses" fabric...

  9. I have used Spoonflower fabric (quilting cotton) for baby clothes, and have a few more pieces picked out for shirts for myself, grand-daughter, grand-sons, daughters-in-law, and husband. I figure the adult clothes will get at least two years of wear for the kids, and more for the adults so the investment for good custom printed, high quality fabric is worth it to me. Galen, that $48 for 2 yards if for 52" fabric, in cotton sateen I suspect. Spoonflower is an excellent choice. One of my favorite designers is Winter. Go look.


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