Saturday, June 12, 2010

cheeky pj pants.

I say, if you're going to be home all summer in your pj pants anyway (i.e. NOT WORKING. NANNER NANNER.), they may as well be freakishly CUTE pj pants.

Am I right or am I right?

Pattern used: Simplicity 5074, my favorite drawstring/pull on pant pattern. It just fits, no tweaking.

Fabric: The previously mentioned Laura Ashley-esque blue rose print (which I've had in stash since Lu was a baby. Ahem.)

Too old for ruffly legged pants? Naaaahhhh. Besides, you can't be shy about things like a grown up woman in her 30s wearing floral print ruffly capri's. Go big or go home, I say. Besides, I love the swishy way they move when I do my rendition of Swan Lake across the backyard.

The ruffle is one layer so that it is lightweight with lots of movement, the edge turned under twice & topstitched for hem.

I added the drawstring waist using the elastic in back/drawstring in front method (with buttonholes in the front for the drawstrings to run through).

But the absolute best part? The cheeky little secret?? (You mean it gets better than Laura Ashley-esque floral and ruffles??) Yup. A polka dotted rickrack'ed back pocket.

It's like a little vintage apron on my bum.

Here's a closer view of the pocket, two dotty prints and vintage pink cotton rickrack.

No pattern used for the pocket piece. I just freehanded a rounded edge patch pocket, and widened it so I could gather it up nice and sweet at the top edge. The tiny binding is a strip of yellow dots from a jelly roll. Since it's a straight edge across the top of the pocket, no need to use actual bias!

And that's what Chris Pine & I did yesterday afternoon while catching up over Star Trek.

I really heart summer.


  1. Awesomely cute! Love, love the pocket too. Hurray for summer!

  2. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Love it! And that apron pocket is the bee's knees!...Bunny

  3. Oh ANGIE!!!!
    Those are just darling! I love the pocket and the ruffles and the fabric. Tooooo cute!

  4. Anonymous9:54 AM

    SO CUTE!!! And I plan on getting together with Zachary Quinto this afternoon. What a coincidence!

  5. Love it! Best jim-jams ever!

  6. Please keep up the sewing - but don't rub it in that you're off all summer - k?

    Love the super cute cheeky pjs.

    Can we see your finished koyoto sew along skirt please? g

  7. Your description of cheeky cute is perfect!

  8. LOVE the PJ pants! Now I want to run off and make a pair! Just what I need with my stack of UFOs growing out of control. I love the sassy pocket, too! And now I want to go watch Star Trek...

  9. Adorable, you are never to old for cheeky PJ's. LOve em.

  10. Very cute, love the pocket! We will never be too old for ruffly PJ pants. Not that I have a pair, yet. I might soon because yours are so covetable.

  11. Those are adorable. You are so right: We should be able to feel pretty and girly all the time :)

  12. Those are very cute.

  13. Very cute and SO much better than the jams I'm usually wearing. Enjoy your summer vacation and teasing us about it. LOL!

  14. You're just so creative! Hope you have a GREAT summer!!!

  15. Those are cutie patootie pj pants. They put my old rags to shame!

  16. So cute! What a great idea. Summer house pants. I want some cuz I'm not working either! Yea for summer. (except for the part about not earning $$$)

  17. So cute! I love the ruffle.

  18. I heart summer, too. And your ruffly jammie pants. And your polka dotted pockets. You are so cute!

  19. Fabby pj's! Did you invent the 1/2 elastic 1/2 drawstring technique? How do you construct it?

  20. @brandane...No, I didn't invent it! But I use it aLOT! I first saw it used on a New Look pattern years ago.

    First you make 2 buttonholes (horizontal) in the center front, one on either side of the center seam. Then you make a casing, just as you would for an elastic waist. Except, you don't leave an opening for elastic, just stitch it down all the way around.

    Next, you make 2 drawstrings (I just tear a 1-1/2" strip of fabric the full width--44"-- and sew in a tube, turn, press, cut in half and voila. 2 drawstrings.) Take a 1/2" piece of elastic and pull it across your back waist until it feels like the proper tension to keep your pants up. (that's how I judge how long i cut the elastic. Really scientific!) Stitch one drawstring to each end of the elastic.

    Use a safety pin to thread the drawstring/elastic combo through the casing (in one buttonhole, all the way around, out the other buttonhole.)

    Lastly, I pull the elastic until it is about 1/2 to 1" to the front of the side seam on each side and pin it in place. Then I stitch in the ditch of the side seams to hold the elastic in place. The back of your pants/skirt is now elasticated, and the front will be drawn up to fit using the drawstrings.

    That's it! I hope that helps! :)


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